February 28, 2024
Modelling Agencies Mumbai

Will Piercing or a Tattoo Affect Your Modeling Career?

Modelling Agencies Mumbai

Are you worried that the artwork of piercing or getting a tattoo on your body is going to affect your modelling career? It’s a realistic to be sceptical as the permanent ink design cannot easily be removed. The fashion/modelling industry has shifted towards acknowledging more alternative look with tattoos and piercings performing in fashion campaigns or on the catwalk. But still, if you are in fashion industry then do consider the points elaborated below before piercing or getting a tattoo on your precious body.


Top designers who usually requires some unusual look mostly welcomes the tattooed models. But if any tattooed models are trying to get an entry in catalogue or commercial field then they will face few barriers. The huge brands working in this area normally prefer a model without piercing or tattoo to draw attention over a wide audience. Only few may accept a model with artwork. This reduces models accessibility drastically if the tattoo is against the vision of modelling agency. The only option available at this time in front of you will be to wait for some modelling shoot opportunities which are ready to accept the artwork open-mindedly.


Hiring a different model with fully tattooed on the body is just a fashion trend and everyone knows that a trend is something that will go out of style when a new trend will emerge. The modelling industry changes at a lightning fast rate with new trends emerging and going out of style at an incredibly fast pace. That’s why it is advisable that not to tattoo your body just because it is trending. Decision of piercing and getting tattoo on body should not be based on someone’s influence


If you are sure that you are getting a tattoo, then think about the dimension of your tattoo. A small tattoo which is unnoticeable and delicate that can be removed easily can be a good choice. But a tattoo that covers a huge part of your body which is easily noticeable can become a hurdle of your dream to get good brands in a modelling career. While getting a tattoo a model must consider two factors: Placement and Visibility so that it will not affect his/her career.


Alternative modelling agencies are coming up all over the industry. Therefore, get in touch with the correct audience for your style and look. Approach to the agencies who will accept your body with tattoos and piercings. They will have the necessary contacts in the industry to help find work where an artwork is not viewed as a negative.

Take Your Time

Never get a tattoo on an urge, when drunk or because your best friend is. It should be a personal decision that you make based on your own style, preferences and feelings. Take adequate time to consider your following move thinking of the size and placement in relative to your ambitions and dreams. It is a positive step that the fashion industry is open to a more diverse style allowing for individuals to express their personal style in their own way.

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