February 28, 2024
how to pose lingerie model

What Do You Need to Become A Lingerie Model?

What is a Lingerie Model? 

Lingerie modelling, like glamour modelling, is a flourishing field of the modelling profession. But it is about a lot more than just modelling in little clothes. Please continue reading to learn what it takes to be a successful bikini and lingerie model. 

A lingerie model is someone that models lingerie, bikinis, and underwear for a variety of companies. Some brands have rigorous guidelines, while others are significantly more lenient – it all depends on their target audience. 


Measurement requirement to be a lingerie model? 

The requirement varies from company to company and from cloth to cloth. Modelling agencies often have precise measurement requirements. For example- Height 5’7′′-6′, bust 32′′-35′′ C cup, waist 22′′-26′′, and hips 33′′-35′′ are typical lingerie measurements. A bikini model is comparable to a lingerie model but with a larger breast. 

Even the ones with short height can also become lingerie models. 

How to Become a Lingerie Model 

1. Feel Confident 

A lingerie model must be self-assured enough to stand in front of a crowd and camera in only their underwear. To verify that products fit correctly, someone will need to glance at your cleavage/bum. You will also have to put up with make-up specialists putting things on your face to make it look faultless in front of the camera. This means that a lingerie model must ultimately be at ease in their skin. 

Remember that these photographs of you in underwear will be used in commercials, and depending on the brand, they may even show in-store displays or enormous billboards. Everyone must be able to see a lingerie model wearing only a few layers of clothing. 

2. Physique 

To show off lingerie, a thin, toned form is highly desired. To fill out underwear and flatter designs, you will need a large breast, a small waist. A toned stomach is also desirable, particularly for male underwear models who must have a firm six-pack to go with their toned arms and legs. 

The specialty necessitates that aspiring models devise a fitness routine that tones the appropriate parts to perfection. Underwear models go to the gym daily, and their diets are well-known for being healthy. Weight training using light weights to tone muscles and aerobics to burn fat is popular among lingerie models. 

3. Get Flawless Skin 

Because this form of modelling necessitates exposing a lot of skin, your skin must be beautiful and glowing. It is critical to drink plenty of water and maintain a healthy diet to attain a beautiful complexion. Remember the foods and liquids you eat that impact your skin, so you should consider what you eat to improve your complexion. A consistent beauty routine will help enhance your skin’s appearance and highlight your figure. 

Lingerie models like to moisturize frequently to keep their skin hydrated and glowing. To keep skin smooth and straightforward to deal with, they use body brushing, exfoliating, and visiting a skincare clinic regularly. 

4. Do You Feel Comfortable? 

Although having a figure you are pleased with and radiant skin will boost your confidence and allow you to feel really at ease in your skin, it can still be nerve-wracking to expose so much skin to others. 

It is critical to conceal your nerves and wear the designs with pride and confidence. Being at ease in very little clothing is a skill that can be learned with practice and faith in your abilities. You will not feel comfortable modelling lingerie if you don’t feel comfortable in a bathing suit at your neighborhood pool. 

5. Know How to Pose 

Know How to Pose in Lingerie model

As a lingerie model, you must have a great sense of body awareness since you must present yourself with a solid posture. The pose that flatters the physique is crucial; your goal is to make the underwear appear as good as possible. Certain stances certainly draw attention to the body, and as a model, you must be aware of these and avoid twisting and moving unpleasantly. 

To get a perfect stance on the big day, practice placing your body in a way that creates powerful, clean lines. Do this in front of a mirror and in front of a camera (maybe with the assistance of a trusted friend, or with the aid of a timer and tripod) — mirrors can be deceiving, whereas cameras can show you perspectives you can’t see yourself. 

Be Prepared 

Always have a Nude G-String on hand. 

Having a pair of inconspicuous nude undies to wear under-sample underwear will keep things sanitary and pleasant. 

Expect to be exhausted. 

Many models have to travel a great deal to get to their work, and they may be running on little sleep. Prepare your food ahead of time, bring a large water bottle to stay hydrated, and bring some under-eye masks to help with puffiness around the eyes. 

Perfection Trimmed 

If you want to be an underwear model, you need to consider your body hair. 

Most brands will require you to have your legs, underarms, and bikini line hair removed. You may be required to have your chest hair removed or trimmed adequately if you are a man. It is critical to strive to avoid undesirable skin blemishes as much as possible. 


All your limits will be broken; the stylist will put make-up on places you never imagined needed it! Models must be relaxed in these settings because it is a very intrusive job. 

Variations in Breast Size 

Because of hormonal and dietary changes, your breast size should be examined every six months. Because your chest has suddenly enlarged, you may miss out on a career opportunity. Unfortunately, you have little control over this as mother nature takes over. Different underwear manufacturers search for other dimensions. 

It’s That Time of Month 

When female lingerie models are required to wear thongs and other clothes while on their period, they will be forced to use a tampon or menstrual cup instead of a pad. Back-up tampons should be kept in your bag in case of an emergency. 

How Does Lingerie Modelling Work? 

How Does lingerie modelling work

Swimwear photography can be done on the beach, while lingerie photography can be done in a bedroom or on a set made to look like a bedroom. 

A model may be urged to gaze seductively at the camera. 

How Much Do Lingerie Models Get Paid? 

Lingerie models, like any model, are unlikely to earn a lot of money when they first start. They will notice an increase in their payments as their popularity develops and they become more in demand. 

Staying Safe as a Lingerie Model 

A model should never be put into a situation that they don’t want to be in. That is why it is critical for a lingerie model to sign with an agency that will safeguard and assist all of their signed models. 

If a model is approached through the internet, the model must conduct due diligence to ensure that the offeror contact is genuine. 

If you have any doubts, don’t collaborate with somebody you can’t verify. A genuine organization or individual will always be more than pleased to direct you to their proper credentials. 

How Do I Get into Lingerie Modelling? 

Modelling Agency: Like all other types of models, Lingerie models will find the most work by joining a modelling agency

Social Media: You could investigate lingerie modelling organizations that specialize in dealing with underwear models. You should also make use of social media. 

Make sure you have a strong modelling portfolio to showcase your abilities and expertise as a model. A model’s portfolio is like their resume, bringing it to all brand and agency interviews. 

The Realities of Lingerie Modelling 

The life of an underwear model is not as glamorous as it appears in glossy magazines and on the websites of well-known brands. Those aspiring to work in the underwear industry must be prepared, flexible, and willing to embrace the less-than-glamorous aspects of the job.