Types of Male Model

Types of Male Models

Modeling career has always been considered as women oriented field till lately, but with the changing perceptions of the industry, dirty and stern looks are making their way into the industry via male models entering into the field of modeling. While the women have usually symbolized glamour and beauty to the modeling and advertising world, but the entrance of male models has opened the horizons for looks which are complemented by the muscular physique. Many male models have created the pathway to be followed by generations. Many industries have demand for male models such as commercial, manufacturers, airlines, automobile industries, a fitness company, and hospitality.

Fashion Male Model

Based upon the looks and personality, there is numerous kind of career options for men that they can opt for. But just like women, these models too need to be well equipped with the traits to handle rejections, criticism, and acceptance with patience in industry. Listed below are the types of models that are often categorized in the industry:-

1) Commercial Model


These are the models that can have different statistics like age, size or weight and height as a commercial model usually are not associated with high fashion products. They can play roles in the product at such as the travel industry, technology devices, household appliances, and food products, etc. Such models shoot for multiple clients and are featured on print media like magazines, on billboards or television advertisements. Polaroids or digital portfolio of your photographs is very necessary to start a career in commercial modeling. There are usually no restrictions on the statistics of these models.

2) Fashion or Editorial Model

Fashion or the editorial models as known in modeling business are associated with high fashion magazines and houses. These models have to dress up in the designer clothes of men’s wears for top brands. There are specific requirements and editorial model such as the height of 6′ to 6′ 3”. They should have around 32 inches waist size and 40-42 jacket size. Different continents across the world have different requirements for their male models such as the Asian market requires male model from the height on the upside of 5′ 10”. To become a successful editorial model, it is very important to get a great portfolio done for yourself but with and without makeup so that agencies can decide upon your work fate.

3) Runway or Catwalk Model

Many times commercial or editorial model for runway or catwalk modeling assignments. Prerequisites for such kind of models are minimum of 6 feet to 6′ 3” tall, 40-42 Jacket size and have a 32-inch waist. Their measurements are quite noticeable for such kind of models as they are expected to showcase the designer clothes prepared by the brand for men.
It is only the supermodels for whom the brand gets their clothing line according to their measurement, whereas lesser-known models have to fit into the clothes measurement prepared by brand. So, to become a successful runway model, vital statistics along with the confident gait are must have. Persistency has to be there in such models who may have visited a lot of shooting sites in a single day to get booked, sometimes even without getting paid.

4) Undergarment or Swimsuit Model

These kind of models are quite like fitness models with an athletic, fit and toned body. At times such models start modeling career as a fitness body trainer, bodybuilder or athlete and gradually switch over to the modeling career.
At times the face of such a model is not part of the campaign as it focuses more on the lower part of the body where the garment is worn. Kind of modeling requires particular body type and fit, so, be prepared to meet all the requirements.

5) Fitness Model

Male fitness models are those having body type which has either very lean, fit and toned body or those with the athletic and well-built body type. Also, fitness model sometimes as it leads and gradually takes up modeling venture. These models are featured on fitness company’s campaigns, fitness and exercise magazines, and supplements, workout machinery and athletic wear companies, etc. These models have the option of choosing commercial modeling assignments too. Many times sports brands opt for them as the brand ambassador for their products.

6) Fit Model

These models are those who differ from the fitness model based on work they perform. This model work in fashion houses and garment manufacturing units. The key role of such models is to check that these manufacturers have prepared during the process by giving the size a try.
Big garment manufacturing units require a different type of shapes and sizes of such models, to check if the order prepared on the specified demand by the clients are perfect before these are shipped to the consumer.

7) Part models


This kind of model usually features in the ads where they have to showcase their specific body parts such as feet, legs or sometimes eyes. Several prospects await such models that include working with the products like jewelry, watches, health and beauty products, etc. as a client requires the perfect body part to demonstrate their product rather than featuring the entire model. These models are supposed to have well proportionate body part and should quit the simple product like shoes, gloves or jewelry size with precision to feature in such ads.

8) Plus Size Model

Plus size models feature in commercial ads as their body type is more organized and connectable by the masses. These models feature on print media, Instagram or commercial models where it is easy for them to find work suitable for them

9)Mature Model

These kinds of models are generally above the age of 30 years and can work till the age of 70’s or ’80s. These models are apt for a commercial model. At the entering level into the industry,  these models can play different roles in the ad.

10) Child Model

The range of child model is usually 10 years and under in which they can vary in size, height or weight. These models are represented through the agency tie-up with their proper grooming, and personality development has to be undertaken, which is the responsibility of the modelling agency. These models usually work for commercial, advertisement and sometimes walks on the ramp. These can feature in the kids clothing line, print on catalogs, brochures, flyers, and magazines, etc.

Create a niche for yourself
Creating a niche for yourself may be quite tricky in the male modeling market. Patience and hard work is the key to success here also. Get your modelling portfolio prepared by well-known as they usually have contacts with agencies that higher model. Know your body type so that you can apply to the correct model type and does not have to face much of the rejection.