February 28, 2024

Top Makeup Trends 2020

It is an undeniable fact that girls out there are in love with makeup and all kinds of trends that are included in the same. There are a bundle of videos and tutorials that are available on social media sites that teach people the correct strokes and the right shades of cosmetics that have to be applied. Fashion is an exceptionally dynamic industry. Due to its regularly changing trends and also due to the new fashion ideas ruling the market now and then, makeup is a field that lures in a lot of people.

One can quickly develop lots of skills in this area by merely stalking a bundle of celebrities and following top cosmetic brands. Also, there is this thing that there is no hard and fast rule according to which one is to style oneself. There are also no ways of predicting what comes next in this line. Makeup is an area that is inspired by lots of real-life or natural patterns. Every other day, the shades, the products, and the elements of composition keep changing. This is something that keeps people intrigued and never extinguishes the enthusiasm related to it.

So, here we bring you a list of trends in the makeup zone, that will rule in 2020. These will help you develop a great sense of what look to carry at your next party. Here they go:

Pink Lip Just Like Candice Swanepoel

Now, it is time to let go of red. It is time to bid farewell to that red, glossy, bold, and bright shade that has created a significant impact in the minds of people. It’s time to move to that puffy pink. It has been found that if pink is merged with light strokes of a blue undertone, it gets noticed like anything. The best part is that it looks good on everyone. So, it is not specific to any face type or any skin colour type. This kind of combination goes terrific on almost anyone. Candice Swanepoel is a celebrity who has been a very famous example of this. Her pictures can be found where she is seen wearing a matte shade in the same fashion as described. It is then that this has started becoming a trend.

Floating Eyeliner


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Now, in this case, isn’t the name itself unusual enough to grab one’s attention? The free word here describes the fact that the eyeliner is of a quality that prevents it from sticking to your eyelashes. This solves the problem that used to arise with sticky eyeliners. There was this issue that created a shadow of the liner on the upper flap of the eye. This happened because ships didn’t use to be non-sticky.

The thing to notice here is that it allows you to set up a crisp image without much effort. That is always the goal of any makeup geek. The craze of makeup is all about this. So, this thing demands a trial. And, trust me, once you get started with these floating liners, you are going to give these multiple shots. Just in case you are wanting to get inspired by a celebrity whom you can follow for going through an example of this, go through the profile of Shay Mitchell. Consider this and welcome an effortless and exciting technique of looking good.

A Mismatched Eyeshadow

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If one is not scared of taking risks by trying new things and following trends in makeup that have not been tested thoroughly, they can always go for this one. All you are required to do in this case is to create a blend of different eye shadows. Instead of sticking to one shade, why not merge two or three contrasting shade and create an impact. The idea here is to select the shades which do not lie in the same line in the colour palette. This will make you go bold and is likely to turn heads. Some examples of such combinations can be blue and orange. Won’t it be interesting? Another example is combing baby blue and lilac. This merging will be quite subtle.

The Golden Studs

The makeup effects that have been ruling the minds of people are to be considered in this case. Notably, in this New Year, these trends have inspired enough to get in the line of people wishing to try this new thing. One of the most straightforward steps to start with is introducing gold studs on your lid. Now, if reluctance creeps in whenever you look forward to applying a thread of gold studs on your eye, you can always start with taking baby steps. This can include the addition of one or two gold studs around the corners of your eyes.