February 23, 2024
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Tips to Become A Plus Size Model

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Image Source : NYTimes

The world of fashion is very much bipolar. At one end, it is advancing every day, introducing newer fashion trends to people worldwide and giving way to new and upcoming designers to flaunt their new designs which are trend-setters themselves. On the other end, it is crushing the hopes and dreams of those men and women who cannot fulfil the ‘fashion requirement’ in terms of physical appearance.

We live in a very cruel society that mocks people whenever they don’t fit the rules set by the norms. In terms of fashion, if you’re not skinny and tall enough, you not only have to suffer the bullying but will also have to throw away the dreams of ever making it to the glamorous runways. But, things are changing. For the better. It is so fulfilling to see that men and women are no gracing the fashion ramps with a different kind of bodily appearance, one that was considered a total no-no till now. I’m talking about the brave plus size models who consider themselves beautiful just how they are, which is why people around the world look at them as glamorous as well. If you’re wondering what one requires to become a plus size model, keep reading.

Plus Size Models – The Brave and the Bold

Let’s face it; embarking upon the journey to rule the fashion world and grace the runways is a gigantic challenge in itself. Then, when you don’t fit the fashion norms, the difficulty to make it to the top increases even more. The word “plus” carries a lot of weight (I swear I’m not trying to be punny) in the fashion industry.

The plus size section of the modelling industry is probably the fastest growing sector of this specific industry. It is true that never before has such acceptance, demand, and support for fuller figures have existed. So, if you’re someone who is more voluptuous than a quintessential fashion model and know how to confidently work your curves, there’s absolutely no reason why you should not follow your dream of becoming a great plus size model.

So, one of the most commonly asked questions for this industry or anyone who wants to get into this industry is – “What kind of jobs can a plus size model book?”

Well, no matter what you call it, whether plus size, extended size, full figured, or large size modeling, the fashion market for curvy models is extremely diverse. Plus size models can be found in catalogs, on runways, in magazine editorials, in print campaign, and in commercial advertisements for some of the world’s biggest designers and brands. There’s even a need for plus size showroom and fit models!

Another thing a lot of people ask are, “Is there a place for the plus size models in the industry of fashion?”

Well, the world of high fashion has begun to embrace women of all kinds of sizes, finally. Bold, beautiful curves can now be seen in the collections of Jean Paul Gaultier, John Galliano, and other top designers, runways of New York’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, and in the pages of Elle and Vogue. (And while it’s not a high fashion magazine, it’s worth mentioning that even Sports Illustrated has given its swimsuit issue more curves!)

How to Become A Plus Size Model?

In recent decades, the plus size modeling industry has grown exponentially. This is great news for full-figured women who have always dreamed of becoming a model. To become a plus size model, you first need to identify what type of modeling you would like to do. Then, you need to become serious about modeling by researching the industry and the modelling agencies, and by knowing how to contact them. Also, taking care of your physical and mental health is also crucial to becoming a plus size model.

In order to become the plus size model you want to, follow these steps: –

Create Your Portfolio

This is the first thing you need to remember while embarking upon the journey to becoming the plus size model you want to.

When you’re first breaking into the modelling industry, you won’t require an entire portfolio to begin making inquiries. Instead, focus on photographs that portray your natural beauty and that aren’t particularly posed or staged. Aim for at least one high-quality face shot and a full-body shot in simple attire. Choose an outfit that flatters your coloring as well as your figure.

Try to increase your chances by hiring a professional photographer to do your photo shoot and hire a professional makeup artist and hairstylist to make you look the most beautiful you can be. Have the photographer take many shots in a variety of poses and then choose the best full-body and face shots for your submission to agencies. You should submit copies since the photos you submit are not likely to be returned.

Contact Modelling Agencies

Next thing on the list, you’ll need to get in touch with several modeling agencies to jump start your professional modelling career, but before you do, you should educate yourself about the correct agencies. Cross-check potential agencies’ reputations with other professionals in the industry, and never pay fees to apply or sign onto an agency.

After you’ve done doing all your research, call the top three agencies in your locality and schedule appointments to meet. On the day of your appointment, wear comfortable, semi-casual clothes that fit well and is flattering. If you think you are at the low end of the height requirements, wear a pair of heels to add a little extra height. Wear kitten heels if you want to be a bit less obvious.

Attend the Open Calls

Open calls are usually a specific time when an agency allows applicants to come in without an appointment. Think of it as an audition for modeling. It can be an overwhelming experience, particularly if you find yourself in a large group of hopefuls.

Some agencies may have you fill out an extensive form before speaking with you. You will need to include contact information, interests, measurements, and experience. You may also be measured by the modeling agency representative.

Smile and don’t let any criticism get to you. As you attend more casting calls, you could hear comments on your headshots or figure. Simply say thank you and move on.

Know that if you do get signed, you’ll be expected to create a modelling portfolio, as well as a comp or zed card, which is a mini-portfolio and business card all in one, with photos and contact information.

Do not pay an agency to be on their website, to be represented, or to attend their school.

Plus-Size Modeling Requirements You Need to Know

While you may need to fit into a certain size to become a plus model, that’s not all. Plus models are generally 5 feet 8 inches to 6 feet tall and wear a size 12 and up. A size 12 is not actually a plus size; it’s on the larger end of regular sizes. But the smallest plus-size models wear size 12, much like regular-size models often wear a size 0 or 2, a smaller size than most of the women who wear regular-size clothing.

Plus-size models also must be toned and have proportional figures, with about a 10-inch difference between bust and waist and waist and hips; shapely legs; beautiful skin; perfect white teeth; nice nails; and healthy-looking hair.

Fit models, who manufacturers use to actually fit their clothes on to make sure they meet size guidelines, may be required in larger sizes or shorter heights than standard plus-size modeling, so it’s worth inquiring about these opportunities when you call modelling agencies, particularly if you are shorter than the requirements or wear a larger size.