December 8, 2023
things you should know about botox

Things you should know about Botox

things you should know about botox

Hey guys!!!…confused about what Botox is? or want to know the things about Botox… when Your favourite celebrity or your neighbor had done Botox and look amazing….so let’s start with the things you should know before going to get done with your Botox

But what basically Botox is….it is a neurotoxin which gets injected with needle. It is used to relax your muscles…mainly in your forehead, in between your eyebrows, and around your eyes. Botox is an injection that can relax muscles and prevent laugh lines.

Botox is safe

It’s commonly used for cosmetic reasons, but it also helps to reduce other health concerns. Botox is also used to treat migraines, neck and shoulder pain and excess sweating. However, tell your Botox professional if you have any muscular conditions. It is important to remember that Botox is safest when used by a board certified dermatologist or a plastic surgeon.

Botox might feel funny first

YesBotox might feel funny first, you will start suddenly feeling like there’s duct tape on your forehead. It affects the way your face muscles move, because of which you can’t move your face to make a particular expression.

It takes three to five days to go to inner surface. Sometimes injection of Botox in one area can affect another area—like say you are injecting too low on the forehead to reduce wrinkles above the brows can actually end up lowering the growth of brows, which is not always ideal. You may also experience a tight feeling in the beginning, before your body has time to adjust to the toxin.

You won’t look frozen

Some critics say Botox makes you lose all the personality from your face, leaving you with a significantly less range of motion when you laugh, or get angry or upset. While it’s true that your movement will be restricted, a moderate amount of Botox will still allow you to react and communicate in a lively way.

It doesn’t eradicate Wrinkles

It’s important to set up reasonable expectations for your Botox experience. Botox does not get rid of all wrinkles on your face—it gets rid of wrinkles made from expressions

How Long Does It Last

Immediately after getting the treatment, Botox will take one to 10 days to kick in, and on average, it lasts about three to four months as that’s the amount of time it takes your body to regenerate new receptors within the muscle.

Minor side effects

Botox injections are done with a very thin needle, which may cause swelling, redness, bleeding, but every patient is not same so side effects can differ. You might also have a headache in first 24 hours because tension in your muscles is starting t relax.

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