February 28, 2024
The secret to becoming a hand and foot model

The Secret To Becoming A Hand And Foot Model

Are you one of them who receives more compliments for your hands or feet than your outfits? 

If you are one of them who can confidently show off the hands and feet without any hesitation, then you have the potential to become a hand and feet model. 

In this article, we are going to discuss the secret to becoming a hand and feet model. Here we will be going through some tips. We will get to know what the casting directors look for in hand and feet model, what skin type is known as healthy and many more things which would be indeed helpful for you to start as a hand and feet model and flaunt your skin on the screen. 

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Your Skin- Your Treasure 

Every skin tone is beautiful, and there is absolutely no doubt in that, but every skin has the tendency to get damaged as wear and tear of tissues is a natural process. Every skin is unique in its sense.

Different skin types react differently when exposed to impurities and climate change. Some skin type heals fast with no need for special attention, while others require additional attention to heal them.  

As the hand and feet model is the one who must flaunt their skin confidently in front of the camera, so it is very much important that your skin should not be left damaged. 

Prepare your Skin 

There is no theoretical definition of “perfect skin”, but healthy skin can be defined.

As far as your skin is healthy and do not have permanent scars on your hands and feet, you have got a chance to become a hand and feet model.

But before you jump to start your modelling career as a hand and foot model, you should start preparing your skin for the same. 

Do not underestimate the Strength. 

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Just having beautiful skin does not satisfy you like a hand and foot model. Your skin should have Strength; that is, it should be strong. 

Several Hands and feet exercises will increase blood circulation and soften your skin and strengthen your hands and feet. 

Nurture your hands and feet 

Hair removal: 

It is needless to say anything about this point as being a hand and foot model, it is mandatory to have no hair on your hands and feet. In the case of men, the requirement can vary from brand to brand. 


It is very much essential to exfoliate your skin. It removes the damaged cells. Exfoliation can brighten your skin and enhance the absorption of external skincare products, making them more effective. Exfoliation regularly can also help avoid skin pores, which means fewer breakouts. 

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Moisturizing daily can help to prevent excessive dryness or oiliness. Both can cause damage to the skin and can lead to acne and several other skin problems. Conceals Other Skin Discolorations. 

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 A daily moisturizer is required to keep your skin’s moisture barrier intact and protect it from environmental damage. 


It Protects Your Skin from UV Rays: As the ozone barrier has been depleted, our risk of sun damage from dangerous UV rays has grown. Sunscreen blocks these photons, reducing the risk of sunburn significantly. 

Manicure & Pedicure: 

A manicure or pedicure cleans your nails thoroughly while also ensuring that they look beautiful. Dead skin cells are removed during regular manicures and pedicures, which is essential for fostering new skin cell growth. New skin cells are always essential for strong and healthy nails. 

Manicure & Pedicure:

Avoid touching spices, vegetables, or food with bare hands:

first, touching foods would contaminate the food. And being a hand and foot model, you should not touch the spices and food with bare hands because it will leave their colours on the surface of your nails. It will make them unattractive, and all the money you spent on making them beautiful would be in vain. 

If you have accidentally met such spices or food, which has coloured your skin or nails, you can remove the colouration. Chilli oil and capsaicin are more soluble in alcohol than in water; rubbing alcohol or even high-proof alcohol like vodka can help wash it away. 

Do you have the right hands and feet to become a hand and foot model? Here is how to check. 

  • Observe the shape of your hands and feet. See them in the mirror. Ask yourself whether they appear pretty in the mirror. 
  • Browse the internet and look for the poses of famous hand and foot models. You can also check the websites of different beauty brands, skincare brands and even jewellery sites. 

Most common questions: 


“Can’t the scars or open pores be covered by applying makeup? 


When you are working as a runaway, makeup can cover most of the scars, pores, and colouration, but when you are posing as a hand and foot model, most of your shots are taken at close-up. Because the entire story of the hand and foot models revolves around your hands and feet, and tight shots are taken.

Your hands and feet must appear flawless on screen. Scratches, scars, stains, or discolourations on most hands or feet would show up in a close-up and distract from the product. As a result, hand models’ skin and hands are usually smooth and well-kept. 

If makeup is applied, it (makeup) would be visible in the close-up shorts. 


“What can lead to disqualification of a hand and foot model?” 


A hand and foot model may be disqualified if they have moles, blemishes, or oddly shaped fingers and nails. 

Hand models have thin, slender fingers and a flawless complexion. Freckled (suntanned) models need not fear; a profession with scarred hands is still attainable but more complex.

However, the most elegant hands with the purest skin tend to secure the most consignments, especially when it comes to thumbs, which are the most significant element.