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Petite Modelling: Ways Smaller Models Can Break Into the Industry

Modelling Agencies in Mumbai

Do you think you’re too short to be a model? Think again. The modelling industry has thrown aside its strict height requirements for both male and female models and is now taking up smaller models. Instead of concentrating on how tall a model is, modelling agencies are looking for the whole package with beauty, personality, professionalism, and so much more.

Many smaller models have found great success in the industry. But never ever forget that some industries will be difficult to break into—high fashion and runway which inclines to favor taller models—but that doesn’t mean your modelling dreams will never come true. There are abundant other petite modeling jobs that don’t require the orthodox height requirements of fashion models!

Here are some ways to be successful in modelling industry no matter whatever your height is.

Commercial Modelling

You don’t have to be so tall like six feet to sell cosmetics, jewelry, pharmaceuticals, hotels, cars, and other products and services outside the monarchy of high fashion.

Your job is to sell a lifestyle that appeals to the crowds, and the crowds aren’t a tall group. Yes, they are of average height. The average female height in India is about 5’, and the average male height is around 5’5’’.

Nowadays, agencies and brands are diverse clientele which is looking for diverse models. Thus they are looking for such models those are memorable to represent all ages, sizes, and ethnicities. This is why commercial modelling is a very good industry for petite models to get into, aside from the lack of height requirements.

Swimsuit Modelling

When it comes to swimsuit modeling, an agency look for a fit, curvaceous body is more important than height. If you have a toned, yet feminine figure, along with beautiful skin, teeth, and hair, you may find your place in the swimsuit modeling career.

Male swimsuit models also don’t have to worry much about their height. It is most important that you are athletic, fit, and toned. It’s okay if your measurements are a bit larger than those of a fashion model because you don’t have to worry about fitting into standard size jackets.

Lingerie and Underwear Modelling

Unlike swimsuit models, lingerie models need to be fit and healthy and have a womanly figure. They don’t need to be as voluptuous and sensual as Sports Illustrated swimsuit models, but they do need to be attractive and comfortable with their bodies.

Male underwear models also need to be fit and healthy as like swimsuit models are, (many started off as athletes or trainers). They also need to be attractive and have a relaxed, confident boldness while modelling, which isn’t always easy when you’re wearing nothing but underwear!

Parts Modelling

Parts modelling include modelling specific body parts, such as hands, feet, legs, eyes, backs, teeth and even earlobes. So as long as the model meets certain size and aesthetic requirements, it really doesn’t matter how tall they are.

Petite models are majorly hunted for parts modeling because their hands and feet are often smaller, cute and more attractive as compared to those taller models. Don’t forget that a part modeling is still modeling, though. You’ll need to know how to work your chosen body part for the camera and take great care to protect it.


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