February 28, 2024
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Messy to Classy!

Fashion can be modified as per your choices and the on-going trends. But, there are some interesting and unique fashion hacks that can help you fix some fashion mess that happens to you all of a sudden.  

  • Coating canvas shoes with beeswax

During rainy seasons, in order to protect your shoes from getting all wet and dirty, coat them with some beeswax. Doing so will keep your shoes protected and dry.

  • Iron a button-up shirt

It becomes messy and little difficult to iron an open-buttoned shirt. To avoid, the mess button-up the shirt, turn it inside out and iron.

  • Find the little ones

Ever dropped an accessory on the carpet and it is not visible to your eyesight? If yes, all you have to do is take a vacuum cleaner, put a stocking in front of the vacuum pipe and clean the carpet. The stocking in front will help you find all the tiny things you have lost.

  • Remove red wine stains

In a party if someone drops red wine on your clothes; just gently blot it with a cloth soaked in white wine. The white wine helps to remove the stains of the red wine.

  • Soften your t-shirt

For that extra softness; soak your t-shirt into salt water for three days and wash it normally.

  • Vodka to the rescue

When a strong odour gets on to your clothes, all you have to do is mix one part of vodka with two parts of water and spray it over the area that stinks. And the odour gets vanished.

  • Prevent fading of jeans

Prevent your jeans from fading and keep the colour as it is forever by just adding half a cup of distilled white vinegar to the final rinse.

  • Remove scratches from leather handbags

Your favourite leather handbag has scratches all over? Here’s a thing you can do to get rid of it. Just apply a small amount of moisturizer on the affected area and keep rubbing it with an earbud until the scratches are gone.

  • Get the right fitting jeans

If you hate going to trial rooms for trying out jeans; you can just grab a pair of jeans wrap it around your neck and check if it fits. If the jeans fit comfortably around your neck, then it is definitely a perfect fit for you.

  • Get into your shoes

A pair of stiff and tight shoes can give you bruises all over your foot. To fix this all you need is a hairdryer and a pair of socks. Wear your socks, get into the shoes and blow the dryer all over your foot. This will make the snug-fitting shoes, lose and comfortable.

Have hacks in your hands to stay protected from the mess that hits you. Be happy and be stylish.

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