How To Prepare For Casting

How To Prepare For Casting?

Upcoming actors need guidance regarding the various avenues of auditioning and casting. They must inquire and socialize to understand where they have opportunities. This is considered as the real struggle of actors – to be recognized or to get work. Since there are lots of agencies catering to this particular need, open casting calls often invite budding talents to showcase or audition for a role which fits the description.

There are many talent agents and agencies which engage with such actors on a daily basis. But what does it take for a person to actually be successfully accepted for a role? What are the basic requirements of an actor who wishes to achieve a particular role? 

Casting auditions are generally for bigger roles in movies, television shows or ad commercials. But unlike open casting calls, casting auditions are limited to a few talents who are from reputed or sought after talent agencies. 

Here are a few steps one should take to prepare and successfully pass an audition.

  • Some of the most basic steps include being on time, or even 10 minutes early, if possible and doing your homework on the company auditioning and the role requirement. This applies for models as well as actors. Most of the times, auditions are held in a safe and remote place to save money. If that is the case, ensure that you know the directions and have pre-planned the route, parking spaces, type of neighbourhood, etc. These tricks will prove incredibly beneficial. 
  • There are always brownie points for knowing your company beforehand and doing research on the role and the agency who is casting. Check every possible platform where they have a reach, including websites and social media handles. Make notes of previous projects and make conversation to get familiar with the recruiters and the director or photographer in charge. Actors can ask for a script to understand the role better and study it carefully to understand the characters personality, nuances, etc. 
  • Dress the part if you are a model, but do not overdress if you are an actor. Simple attire which does not define you in any stereotype will be helpful. Try and understand the character or description issued by the recruiter and dress accordingly. Ensure the outfit is a staple attire which will fit any description in case they find you suitable for another role altogether. Avoid excessive jewellery and bright, patterned clothes. Costumes are not necessary even if the role demands. For an audition, you must look your real self. This will distinguish you from your competition.
  • If you have dialogues or lines, make sure you have them practiced and learnt by heart. Do not just read the lines but understand the lines and the role itself. This will help you fit into character and audition, without pressure. The most important step for models is to rehearse every pose and movement with ease and make everything look effortless. Preparation is key, as models are required to be rather quick and confident. Both models and actors should understand each detail of the entire project and ensure they are aware of the pay and job profile. Learn the tone of the project and who is at the helm of affairs. Most of the times, agents have all required information, but if they don’t, it must become your responsibility.
  • Your portfolio is the most important part of casting of models or actors. Your resume or portfolio, along with headshots are the first thing casting directors ask, because it gives them an idea of your experience in the field and it is then easier for them to understand your personality and if you fit the role or not. Always get two or more copies, since you never know when opportunities might knock your door. Be ready for anything and everything. 
  • Another important step, which nobody ever mentions, is to be polite and humble in your approach. Nobody likes talent with unnecessary attitude. Follow basic etiquettes and hygiene as well. Only arrive dishevelled if the role demands so, otherwise an unkempt look is never appreciated.

It is crucial to understand that most of the recruiters and casting directors are ruthless and do not have the time to engage in small talk. They want their job to be done quickly and efficiently. Do not feel dejected when you try to engage in conversation and are shunned. A really important thing to remember is to keep a positive spirit during the entire experience and to learn from every little detail and mistakes that you may have made. A happy face always gathers attention, and following this as your motto will bring you lots of opportunities.

Auditions are the most crucial learning experiences. Failure will be another step towards success.

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