February 28, 2024

How Do You Pose Like A Professional Male Model?

The basic body posture, hand positions, and facial expression are important aspects of posing like a model. To pose like a model, be it male or female, one needs to maintain a squared and erect posture. Strolling and resting against a wall are two common positions for professional male models.

They use their hands to shift the stance because men want to accomplish things with their hands. To bring the position to life, employ facial emotions. You can do a few things to give your male model poses a more macho appeal. But, in the end, no matter who your subjects are, you will need the same set of talents.

Pose Like a Male Model

Here’s an article on the most excellent model poses for men to get you started. It would help if you had something to fall back on when confronted with complex scenarios and a run of unpleasant and stodgy-looking photographs. Begin with these fundamentals, and then explore whatever creative paths the photoshoot leads you down.

The Walk

When it comes to traditional modelling postures for beginners, perfecting your walk is critical. Every good heist film has a fierce slow-motion walk, and you’ll want to put that energy into this high-fashion model posture. You can either gaze straight at the camera or look away as though you were caught off guard while walking. Narrowed eyes, staring past the camera, is typical facial expression.

Pose Like a Male Model

While leg motion is crucial, you must also consider where your arms travel. Feel free to play about with the positioning. Take long, steady strides to make yourself appear taller and leaner. Keep your arms relaxed as you walk; they should swing freely at your sides. The walk should seem effortless and fluid. Maintain a comfortable but pulled-back posture with your shoulders also a slower-than-normal pace.

Angle Your Frame or The Action Pose

A leap position or an uplifted arm or leg are the most common examples. Even anything as simple as leaning against a wall with a leg up behind you gives visual interest. To produce a forceful position, fully extend your limbs or bend them near a ninety-degree angle. The pose will feel more approachable with softer, looser bending. Keep your shoulders squared in the photo if you want to appear broad.

To begin, avoid angling your shoulders sideways, as this will make your profile look thinner. As a beginning, it’s preferable to focus on improving your physical appearance. Maintaining stiff and straight shoulders is one of the essential modelling requirements.

Lean Against A Wall

Pose Like a Male Model

When a man leans on something, he can easily posture. This is another wonderful stance for a guy’s photography since it results in photographs that appear comfortable. It can also look natural to have one led cocked and the tips of his toes against the ground. You can lean against a wall with either your back or the sides of your shoulders. When you lean forward, you instantly get more quickly in the position.

Along with this stance, position your arms appropriately. You can even experiment with different leg styles. As you lean against the wall, bend one leg, and there are many possibilities.

Position Your Hands

Pose like male model

Male positions that require the male to keep his hands in his pockets exude relaxed confidence, which appears to be at ease and happy while shooting a professional male model photoshoot. Using your hands correctly is an essential component of posing. Maintaining proper posture while ignoring your hands isn’t enough. You might put them in your pockets or cross your arms over your chest.

Another way to utilize your hands is to alter your shirt buttons or ties by placing them on your outfit. Finally, you might position it on your face using your hands, cupping your chin, or simply pushing your hair back. An attractive appearance can be achieved by placing one or both hands open on the cheeks, especially in a narrowly cropped photo.

Arms Crossed

It might convey a sense of authority, edginess or defiance, or simply pure expressiveness. Standing with arms crossed is another simple posture for inexperienced models. Like Hands In Pockets, this stance can be used with various other sitting and standing poses. It’s also a good option if the model is unsure where to place her hands.

Male model Poses

On the other hand, crossing your arms can give the impression of being closed off or inaccessible in specific settings and may send the wrong message. Ensure the camera is slightly below the model’s eye level for the best results. This position can generate a variety of attitudes, from businesslike to edgy and non-conforming, depending on the facial expression.

The jacket


It can be used with a model that is either stationary or moving. You can obtain some great flowing or billowing garments simultaneously if he’s walking. Clean and assured. This is a must-have for any photographer looking to give a business photoshoot a more relaxed vibe. It may be the end of the workday with his jacket slung over his shoulder, but he’s still in command.

Highlighting the Jawline and Squinting the eyes

Many people believe that in male model poses, a powerful jawline is a technique to portray masculinity. As a photographer, you’ll want to make sure your subject’s chin is gently pushed out and down. You can emphasize that side of your model’s face by making the jawline well-defined and crisp.

Male model Poses

Another brilliant technique photographers use to highlight the jawline is to use shadows from the surrounding illumination. You want to make sure the jawline doesn’t fade into the neck when snapping the images. It’s the way their eyes squint. It gives the impression that the model is hiding something. A male model poses tend to follow this pattern. They will squint, raising their eyelids a little to narrow their eyes and make a more beautiful position in their photographs.

Tilt the head and do a hair swipe

It should have a slight incline to make the subject appear mysterious and intriguing. Because it involves tilting the head rather than twisting the body, this is one of the most popular but difficult male positions.


The model’s face is opposite, and the camera focuses on her. Magazine model postures are popular, with the man’s face often lighted from the side. The male model’s pose may appear more hostile and violent if the camera is tilted too much.

Gives off a sensual and laid-back vibe. Another popular stance in male poses fashion photography is the Hands in Hair pose. Having your model run their fingers through their hair or lay their hands in it might provide some interesting images. It also helps to highlight the model’s upper-body strength during a hair swipe which looks very professional.

Grooming and Improve Your Diet & Exercise


They put a lot of effort and attention into looking that way and staying in shape. Anyone can look like a male model with the correct grooming, workout regimen, and fashion sense. Most people believe that you must have an ultra-fit body with eight-pack abs to be a model. That, however, is not the case.

Before learning How to Pose Like a Male Model pose, all you need is a reasonably fit body, but more significantly, the attitude, body language, and style. I prefer home-cooked meals to fast food since it saves money and calories! Workouts with essential body exercise at least 4-5 times a week, whether you have access to a gym or not. You don’t need a vast or too muscular body to be an ideal male.

They pay attention to even the tiniest details of their appearance. They always put additional effort into maintaining flawless skin and never have a poor hair day. Second, always accentuate your attire and dress stylishly. Most professional male models dress in designer labels and accessorize with high-end luxury jewellery.

Right Attitude & Energy

Your vitality will determine the type of male model you become. If you want to learn how to pose like a male model, start by deciding what kind of male model you want. If you don’t want to be a male fitness model with a fantastic physique, this is the place to be. Then you can continuously pursue a career as a male editorial model.

A commercial or editorial male model poses may not have the physical features of a runway model, but he does have the right style and attitude for photo sessions. Positive energy and excitement for whatever endeavour you take on will help you establish yourself as a promising male model.

Flexing Muscles

Slim down your waist and enhance your upper body by slightly tightening your core. When your waist appears thinner, your chest appears bigger. Overall, it lengthens your appearance and straightens your posture. One of the most popular positions for men is to tighten their core. Tensing your muscles is usually a beautiful look in images, whether you have a lean or muscular body.

Turning to the side, away from the light source, whether it’s a sun (for an outdoor shot) or a window, is recommended to accentuate the best characteristics of your physique.

Back and front Chairs or No Chairs

Slim down your waist and enhance your upper body by slightly tightening your core. When your waist appears thinner, your chest appears bigger. Overall, it lengthens your appearance and straightens your posture.

Male modelling poses

One of the most popular positions for men is to tighten their core. Tightening your muscles is¬†usually a beautiful look in images, whether you have a lean muscle or a muscular body. Turning to the side, away from the light source, whether it’s the sun (for an outdoor shot) or a window, is recommended to accentuate the best characteristics of your physique.¬†

Narrow Your Eyes and Don’t Make Eye Contact

The importance of facial expression in men’s posing techniques cannot be overstated. The eye squint is the most common pose adopted by male models. Wide, glistening eyes are more a woman’s thing.

It’s always better for males to squint a little. Do not stare directly into the camera’s lens. Instead, turn your gaze away from the camera. The emotion in their eyes is one way male models posture. As a result, choose a point above or beyond the camera to concentrate on. It gives the image a more natural appearance during male fashion photography.

Male modelling poses

You can even include a shot of your teeth in the shot. There aren’t many teeth, but enough to show your teeth. If you raise your chin too much, you should know that it can make your chin appear more expansive. Instead, slant it slightly downward and forward to eliminate the double chin.

So, there you have it: the fundamentals of how to position like a male model poses on a photo shoot and how to appear like a male model. You may already be familiar with various modelling stances, ideal for male photography. And you might get some ideas from them while doing a pose.