February 28, 2024
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Modelling is difficult when it comes to looks & body shape. If given an option, each woman would prefer to have those long, shiny, sexy, dusky, slender legs to add beauty to her persona and add grace to each dress she carries. But the major problem is that everyone isn’t blessed with those long, slender and dusky legs. But human minds are sharp. There are 10 simple hacks that can be opted in your customary lives to have an appeal of long beautiful legs.We at Modelling Agencies in Mumbai are here with some ways through which you portray your legs and height a bit longer:

  • Avoid Horizontal Patterned Dresses, Pick Vertical Lines Patterned Dresses:

modelling agencies in mumbai
Horizontal lines make you look unnecessarily wide, even if you aren’t to that extent. So, if you want to look long, you should definitely avoid having horizontal lines in your clothing. They cut your body, and make your legs look shorter and wider. In short, they make you look chubby and short.
You may pick printed long lines or simple pleats or pinstripes, vertical lines that will contrast the horizontal lines and will undeniably make you look thin, slender and long. Don’t overdo with the stripes. With the perfect balance of these stripes, you are capable to look good with your height. A striped knee-length skirt with stilettos is the best option to make you look the way you are wishing for.

  • Wear monochromatic outfits:

Modelling agencies in mumbai
Try purchasing those outfits that are mostly or entirely made out of a single color. When your clothing is of one color, it happens to be tough for someone to tell where your legs start and where it ends. Dark colors like black will have the greatest effect. So it is always an appreciable choice when you go for a dress in the same color as it will provide you with those long slender looking legs.

  • Choose Short or Cropped Jackets:

Modelling agencies in mumbai
A cropped jacket will have an overall lengthening effect as it will balance out the entire look, making the legs look longer.

  • Wear skirts and dresses with the right cuts:

Modelling agencies in mumbai
A-line skirts will make your waist appear higher and therefore, make your legs look longer. Empire waists are also good for women with shorter height as they create an illusion of a raised waist by shifting the focus of the viewer a bit upper.

  • High Waist Bottoms:

modelling agencies in mumbai
High-waist happens to visually add some inches to your legs. Whether you pick high waist pants, a skirt or a pair of shorts, the illusion of a higher waistline will help to create an impact of long legs. You could finish the entire look by slipping in nude stilettos.

  • Tuck in your Shirt:

modelling agencies in mumbai
Pair a tucked in shirt with high-waist trousers for lengthening the height of your legs. A loose shirt has the tendency to make you look shorter, so, be sure that you have tucked your top or shirt.

  • Nude Heels:

Modelling agencies in Mumbai
Heels do add some inches to your length, but wearing a nude colored heel that is nigh to your skin tone makes it difficult to differentiate between where your leg ends and the foot begins. It creates an illusion of making you look taller than you really are.

  • Pointed Heels or Stilettos:

Modelling agencies in mumbai
High heels are definitely made for short women. Women with shorter legs should opt for pointy toe heels. They elongate your feet and therefore give the look of lengthened legs. You can also go for a toe cleavage which will help you in adding height to your legs. It will be perfect if you prefer to choose pointed stilettos with a low cut vamp. Avoid shoes with straps that happen to run across your ankles. It will create no illusion of lengthening your height.

  • Match your Shoes with your Pants or Stockings:

Modelling mumbai
You can continue to create an uninterrupted look by wearing the heels with your tight pants or stockings, both of the same colors. This will again make it difficult to differentiate between where your leg ends and the foot begins.

  • Wear Long Boots:

Modelling agencies in India
Have your choice in over the knee boots. Knee high boots have an exaggerated effect on your legs. Whereas ankle boots just cut your leg off just above the foot and ankle straps heels make your legs look shorter than they are.

We hope this article helps you to get the required looks which would facilitate your modelling skills.

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