February 23, 2024
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How to Make Use of Social Media to Enhance your Career in Modelling?

modelling agencies in mumbaiWanted to be popular? Social media is the best way to make yourself famous. Now-a-days people have engaged themselves in various social media platforms. Even many brands have started promoting their products and services online and they are getting good response. Then what are you waiting for?  Social Media is your real business now because agencies fetch models on these platforms too.

Choose your platforms

You must decide your platforms where you will upload your photos. Not all social media platforms will help you but yes there are photo sharing apps you can probably make use of. Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter are very famous platforms to share your photos. Make sure that you keep your personal and professional account separate. While you post on the social media handles, write proper captions and relevant hashtags.

Select the perfect profile photo

Your first impression should be the last one. So, think how your profile picture should be. The one who searches or founds you should be completely impressed. Your profile picture should give a positive impact on the visitor.

Keep posting

Do not keep your page empty. Update it daily and flood it with your activities. Change your bio often with the project you are working for. Mention the photographer, hair stylist, designer or brands that you have used in the photo. This is the way to appreciate their work and will help you to get new clients.

Make use of hashtags

Relevant hashtags will help you reach more and more people who might follow you. Don’t use more hashtags, but make sure you put the trending ones. Tagging your image is also sometimes necessary. Search for the trending fashion hashtags and always update yourself with it.

Being Social help you the most

Use your account wisely. Social media is the one which will show you the way to achieve your goals. Follow other models you desire to be like, the agencies you want to work with, the photographers you like and engross with the industry! Increase your network and you will find new modeling opportunities for sure.

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