December 8, 2023
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How to look slim?

modelling agencies mumbai

For modelling, sometimes it is necessary to look slim. Not only for modelling career but for a hot date or a big interview you always wish to look slim. Here are some steps to look slim:


  1. Whatever your size is, buy clothes that fit you. If you wear clothes which are of the wrong size then you will end up looking bigger. Wearing clothes that are too tight leads to swells and lumps, just as picking outfits which are too large adds to your size and makes you look bigger. Always try things on before you buy them!
  2. Choose items which remove over areas you want to mask. For example, if you want to make your belly look flatter, move away from skin tight vests, and wear a flattering tunic. Instead of wearing a mini skirt, hide your bulky thighs beneath a floaty skirt.
  3. Make sure you are wearing the right underwear. A well-fitting bra can also help to create a smoother slimmer figure.
  4. Highlight your good bits. It is so simple. If you have a gorgeous slim neck, but little bit of weight on your waist, draw attention to your neck with an eye catching necklace, or other beautiful accessories. You can wear sleeveless tops, if you have toned arms.
  5. Work on your posture. Stand up straight, pull your stomach in, and your shoulders back. You can rehearse posture by balancing a book on your head and walking – the book shouldn’t fall down! 6. Wear more black! Black effectively slims out everybody, and lessens the presence of belly fat, muffin tops, and love handles. Black can simply be dressed up with a nice colored belt and jewellery.



* Black is great as a rapid fixing as it is very slimming (but only if it fits properly.).
* Be confident – it’s the best way to make people notice you!
* Just because it’s the latest trend doesn’t mean it’ll look good on you. Learn to choose clothes that flatter your figure, and not just because it’s the hottest style.

* Never wear anything shiny or bright over an area you wanted to hide.
* Invest in a tailor made suit – or several because those are your measurements.

*Go for bell-shaped sleeves for big arms.
* A universally flattering style of top is the “empire” cut. This cut has a band or some type of visual interest right below the bust. This style helps to draw the eye upward toward your face and to skim the stomach and make it appear flat.
* Be aware that if the band of the top sits on your bust rather than below it, the effect is negative instead of positive. Choose an empire cut that fits your bust size.

* Try not to divide your body into sections. For example, a chest, a torso, and legs. Try to make your body appear as one unit. Dresses and matching colours can be lifesavers and make you look taller, therefore slimmer.
* Pants MUST be the perfect length. Too small makes you look like your clothes are too small (or you are too big!) and too long gives the appearance that you are shorter than average pant size.
* Learn what colours suit you better.
* Be confident and proud of your body! You’re beautiful, even if you aren’t the skinniest person on the planet. Love your body for what it is. Just think of clothes that camouflage your tummy as an added bonus for being so wonderful!
* Go out and live your life; don’t worry so much about how you look. The people that truly care about you will love you for what’s inside, not how you look on the outside– big or small.


* Choose pants with a smooth front: no pleats! Pleated pants poof out below the waistband, drawing attention to your stomach.
* When buying pants, pay attention to the rise. Too high a rise can create the illusion of a tummy even if you have a 6-pack, and too low a rise can lead to belly pooch hanging over the top of your jeans–not pretty!
* You don’t have to be skinny in order to be attractive. Don’t be obsessed with making yourself thin.
* Always dress to be yourself. If someone doesn’t like you, 9 times out of 10 it’s because you’re not their type, not because you’re too “fat”.

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