December 8, 2023
faceless modelling


faceless modelling

What do Adele Uddo, Ellen Sirot, Kimbra Hickey and James Furino have in common? All are successful models but while you may not know their faces, you’ll definitely know their bodies. This is called ‘Body Part Modelling‘ or ‘Faceless Modelling’.

From strapping on designer footwear, gracing the cover of Twilight… to hand doubling for A-list stars.…they’ve done it all. They’re what the modeling industry calls ‘ parts models ‘.  They have proved that sometimes all it takes is one great body part to open the door to a huge modeling career.

What’s the demand like?

Parts models are in huge demand in companies who want the perfect hands, legs, feet or other body part to advertise their product. So even if you’re not able to become a high-fashion model, you may still be able to break into the modelling industry through Part modelling . There’s also a demand for beautiful eyes, lips, teeth, hair, stomach, backs, and even earlobes. If you have an attractive feature, you can make it as a parts model.

Types of Part Modelling:

Hand / Foot Modelling .

    Hand or foot models need to have perfect hands & legs. Both male and female hand models should be able to fit in sample gloves or jewellery sizes, and should have long slender hands, straight fingers, uniform nail beds, and a nice even skin tone.

And men’s hands shouldn’t be too hairy. Hands, feet and legs are the most requested body parts.

Ads for accessories like rings, watches, bracelets, cosmetics, medical equipment require such models, both men and women.

Leg modelling: Female  models’  legs should be long , slender and free of blemishes and varicose veins. They also need to be waxed and well moisturized.

Male leg models shouldn’t be overly muscular, and like their female counterparts, their legs should be long, shapely and free of blemishes.

Ads for shoes like Nike or Reebok would feature such leg models.

Earlobes would be used in jewellery or a mobile  ad like a Kalyan jewels ad .A toothpaste ad like Colgate would hire models with white, even & sparkling teethA L‘Oreal or Sunsilk ad would require models with luscious ,silky hair.

How to become a body part model?

It’s not enough to have pretty hands or feet to become a part model. It’s  best to work with people who have experience and direct connections in this specialized market.

Modelling agencies look for nothing but the most exceptional body parts for editorial, advertising, and catalogue work.

How much do Part models earn?

Models can earn around Rs 15000-20000 a day for TV commercials, and  for print work. A top female parts model or a hand model with good legs and feet can make around twenty lakh rupees a year.

Ayesha Billimoria is a well-known name. She body doubled for the likes of Kareena & Deepika .There are many renowned modelling agencies like  which promote Part modelling . So if modelling is your passion but you don’t want to be a runway model or enter a pageant, Part modelling maybe a great option for you.

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