How to Build a Model Instagram Account

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Social Media is a rising business and we are seeing Models with successful Instagram accounts getting better overall exposure to prospective clients and agencies. They also have millions of followers to their accounts. In order to remain innovative in our community, we want to offer the following advice when building a professional Model or Talent profile on Instagram!

Your Images reflect you and the company which you represent. You want to look your best, and it is important to filter the content you post.  Some of you may choose to maintain your own personal account, which is totally great, we simply recommend that any personal accounts are private. This means you can control who can follow you and see your content.

Building Your Account:
Keep your name simple. Try for your first name and last initial and keep it as close to that as possible. Avoid use of _ or – as these can affect your search ability.

On Your Text Portion of your Profile: You should include @(Your agency name)  and your Modelling Agency Web URL. If you have other representation you may also include it there.

Do not include any personal contact info!

How often to post:

This is key! If you post too often you might overwhelm and lose your followers, but if you don’t post anything for long periods you might also see a decline. We typically recommend no more than one Instagram post per day or job worked, and at least one biweekly.  If you are at an event and want to show more clips, we suggest you try out the “live” feature so that the moment can be shared more casually. (Snap chat style)

  • What to post: You can post content that applies to the industry; from jobs, previous work, and portfolio content. Please remember that you need to include all Styling / Photography / Team / Publication credits on all Professional photos you publish. This helps to make you look organized and legitimate, as well as credits those who did the work. (Much like a modern version of your resume reference list.)
  • Posting on the job: Please ensure if you are posting anything at any job-related booking or event that you check with the client in advance of posting, to ask permission, and see if there are profiles tags or hash tags you should include or avoid.
  • Liking, sharing, following and commenting on other peoples’ images will help to grow your following. Be sure to support your local businesses. Check out Modelling Mumbai website to find some of our clients and community friends.
  • Helpful Apps for Instagram users:

Boomerang – Boomerang will take video footage and play it in a fun quirky loop (* be careful not to overuse this one, or you might make people dizzy!)

Square Fit – Adjusts your image to fit to the Instagram square post dimension

Repost it! – Allows you to copy share URLs / repost other Instagrammer’s posts with the proper captions included.

We are from Modelling Agencies Mumbai. If you want to get a kick start for your modelling career then do contact us.

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