February 21, 2024
Modelling Agencies Mumbai

How to Become an Eye Model

Eye modelling is a popular choice. Height doesn’t matter for  Eye models . Your eyes could be photographed for eye care ads, for print campaigns, digital advertisements where the client needs expressive eyes.But before you set your sights on this exciting career, read through these helpful tips. 

Eye Models Are Commercial Models


Commercial Models

Eye models are commercial models with wide range of bookings using their body or other body parts.

Care of Your Eyes

Modelling Agencies Mumbai

When looking for an eye model, agencies and clients want a person with clear eyes. Make sure you get good amount of sleep every night.Do not over wear your contact lenses. Eyeglasses are an eye model’s best friend!Wear UV-protective sunglasses.Eat a healthy diet. More fresh, nutrient-rich food you consume, your eyes will be more beautiful.Stay hydrated. drink enough water. Don’t forget that caffeine is dehydrating.

Constantly staring at a smartphone or computer puts strain on your eyes and can make them dry. Have your eyes regularly checked

Care of Your Skin

Modelling Agencies Mumbai

Don’t forget that eye modelling isn’t just about the eyes.The skin surrounding the eye area should be tight and youthful, and free of dark circles or piercings. Also, your eyebrows should be groomed


Modelling Agencies Mumbai
Different expressions through eyes, such as joy, fear, sad, ecstatic, naughty etc is very necessary. Mimic expressions in a mirror

Clear Photos of Your Eyes and Face


Modelling Agencies Mumbai

When submitting your photos to agents and scouts, make sure your eyes and face are clearly represented.Basic digital camera is good to capture the detail of your eyes. Take close-ups of your eyes and your entire face. Take photos with all kinds of make up


More ExposureModelling Agencies Mumbai
It’s easier to become an eye model, if you can also work as a commercial or fashion model Whether you want to jump right into eye modelling the key is to be seen by as many modelling agents as possible.