February 23, 2024
how to become a hand and foot model?

How To Become A Hand And Foot Model?

A person who models poses or exhibits their hands or feet for the sake of art, fashion, commerce, or advertising is known as a hand and foot model. When advertisers want close-up shots of a product being handled, hand and foot models are used. 


Parts modelling, which includes hand and foot modelling, is essential for the fashion modelling industry. For their commercials, several prominent designer shoe firms require hand and foot models.  

If you have beautiful hands or feet, you might be able to start your income or even pursue a career as a hand and foot model. 

All the hands and feet you see in the cream advertisements or shoe advertisements are mostly done by a professional hand and feet model. Hand and foot models are in high demand to sell and advertise various products, including jewellery, cosmetics, nail polish, hand lotion, shoes, shampoo, and much more.

When it comes to selling these items, close-up work like hand and foot modelling is essential. 

As the story is all about your hands and feet and close shots are taken, your hands and feet must look perfect on the screen. Most hands contain flaws like scratches, scars, stains, or discolourations that would show up in a close-up and detract from the product.

Therefore, the skin and hands of hand models are usually smooth and well maintained. 


Apart from the very common and basic requirements, there are also some essential and mandatory requirements to become a hand and feet model. Let us see what they are. 

For female hand and feet model: Agents look for long, thin hands and fingers, as well as lengthy nail beds, in female hand models. They also praise smooth, hairless, and undamaged skin, with few wrinkles and visible pores. 

For male hand and feet modelling: The requirements of male hand and feet are different depending on whether the task requires a beefy, construction worker-style hand or a more white-collar look.  

Determine if you have the right hands and feet to become a hands and feet model: 

Examine the shape of your hands and feet 

Examine the shape of your hands and feet

Make sure you have the correct natural foot structure for the work before putting in the time and effort to become a foot model. 

Determine what kind of hands and feet model you want to be 

You can be a fashion model or a fit model in any modelling industry. 

Fashion models collaborate with firms and designers on commercials and picture shoots. 

The hands and feet of a model are often photoshopped into current ads on the bodies of other models. So, go with the one that comforts you. 

Strengthen your feet 

Strengthen your feet

Just having beautiful hands and feet skin is not enough; your feet must be strong. So, find out hands and feet exercises that can strengthen your hands and feet.  

How to become a hands and feet model: 

  1. Experiment with expressing emotions with your hands and feet 
  2. Create hand and feet modelling portfolio 
  3. Get in contact with the Modelling Agency 
  4. Practice hands and feet movements in front of the mirror 
  5. Tips 

Moisturize your hands and feet 

Moisturize your hands and feet

Moisturizing is essential for your skin, and you must be cautious when exactly you need it the most. Do not forget to moisturize your skin before sleeping at night, after bathing and after washing your hands and feet. 

Especially during winters, try to carry a pocket moisturizer and apply it whenever you feel dry. 

Exfoliate your hands and feet 

Exfoliate your hands and feet

You will need to exfoliate off (or peel off) any dead skin or callous regularly to keep your feet silky and smooth. You can purchase a scrub or make your own using sugar and a range of common household substances such as oil or honey. 

You can also use a pumice stone to gently exfoliate any problem areas after exfoliating all over your skin. 

Once a week, you should exfoliate your skin. Make sure to moisturize your skin after exfoliation. 

Maintain your nails and never cut your cuticles 

Maintain your nails and never cut your cuticles

Avoid touching any substance that can colour your nails. Manicure and pedicure are not an option to skip. Always keep your nails clean and avoid opening bottles or caps using your nails. 

A temporary nail extension is also a good option nowadays, but you need to take care of them more responsibly because they can damage your original nails if they break. 

Be careful while cooking and bursting firecrackers. 

Stay away from fire and be safe while touching hot utensils on the stove. You cannot afford to get burns as you will leave a scan on the skin. So, use oven gloves instead of toughing with bare hands. 

Consult a skin specialist and get regular doses of Vitamin D 

Sometimes try to expose yourself to the sun and consult a doctor if you get infections or need more advice on maintaining your skin.