December 8, 2023
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Fashion Modelling – A Glamorous Career For Indian Women

Indian women have always been considered voluptuous and hence attractive. We have evidences in the form of paintings and sculptures dating back to the Ajanta, Ellora caves and Khajuraho temples showcasing physical beauty of Indian women in a complementary way. This brings us to state that Indian women have always been appreciated for their sensuality. They were way more empowered than we can think of in today’s times. Hence, Indian women have always proved their mettle in whichever field they have turned their eyes to, be it being a homemaker, a businesswoman, a model.With changing times there have been many a changes, since the inception, in the modeling industry. First it used to be simple showcasing of wardrobe without any additional drama attached to it. Then came a wave of figure conscious modeling, thin and skinny models were preferred over others to walk the ramp, it became more westward in its approach, then this industry became more neutral with models.of every size and skin walking the ramp for a slew of designers. Fashion industry evolved into a whole new dynamic conglomerate. It engulfed a whole range of peripheral industries, with Bollywood, video production, set designing, choreography etc. all becoming a part of the new giant fashion industry. It is not an alien fact to include these peripheral industries in every single fashion event. They have become a part and parcel of modeling industry now.

Gone are the days when models were not given their due. The pay was poor, work hours were hectic, no respect for models and many more such factors were there to refrain a majority of population from even thinking of becoming a model in the first place. This profession was considered derogatory for women and the society on the whole objectified the women associated with this industry. This was not at all encouraging for young and naive girls who were on the verge of deciding their career path. They always chose to go for more respectable professions, served by the society in the name of weird customs and traditions.

Now, the situation in changing and certainly for good. It has finally got its due stand and status that it so deserved. With globalisation and the entry of a large number of foreign high fashion brands, there is no dearth of opportunities for an aspiring model. However, it is difficult to make a mark and emerge at the top but the allurement has definitely increased manifolds. Young girls look up to celebrity models and such personalities to set goals for their future career in the industry. Thankfully, we have opened our minds to allow young women the freedom to choose their career according to their own will. As a major section of the society has outgrown prevalent norms in the society and welcomed every single choice their young ones make, we have got ourselves a more empowered women workforce, be it in any field, whether a model, cinematographer, director or any other out of line profession. This has resulted in portraying modeling in a good light regarding the payment scale, work hours and more importantly the status of the women associated with this industry.

Challenges are a pretty of every single industry. Where there are no challenges, there is no growth. Good thing is that the women considering going into modeling are not afraid to admit that they welcome any challenges that their profession might offer. They are adamant to making it big for themselves, carve out a name in the industry and grab as much fame as possible. This is not a child’s play. Getting fame and recognition in a positive manner is possible only after putting in the required effort, going the extra mile with every single opportunity. But modeling industry allows them to achieve the required fame in a much faster way as it is a part of media, in some way. You have to present yourself in front of the camera most of the times, every time now. All events are publicised through media and hence the exposure starts from the very beginning. The involvement of celebrities also makes it all the more attractive. The charm of this industry seems never ending with luxury being its tagline. Young women certainly need to particular traits in order to make it big in the modeling industry. Let’s list out some of these traits,

  • Confidence
  • Great social skills – this one is so important in today’s time. Networking is an essential part of this industry as you need to outsource yourself to get more work and more importantly good work. You need to work your way up and this is possible only if you have great social skills. Interact with influential people, approach big names of the industry, get noticed and make the right move at the right time.
  • Great personality
  • Presence of mind – along with confidence, a good presence of mind is always appreciated. You need to get yourself through tough situations or challenges using your mind. You need to be clear and focused enough as to attract only positive people to you.

These are some of the basic character or physical traits that need to be there for you to think about being a model. Initially it was thought to be a place for dumb and speechless models. But now, models are truly dynamic and possess great intellect and hence make wiser choices in their profession.

So, fashion modelling is definitely a bold and glamorous choice for Indian women. They have never been seen in such a light before with more and more empowerment coming their way. Indian women with their clear and sharp physical features are a sought after lot for fashion modeling. Hence, young girls deciding their career path now, can consider fashion modeling as a career choice for all these positive factors which might make their dreams come true. Gone are the days when such dreams were suppressed and girls were not allowed to flutter and spread their wings. So, rejoice and flourish in the changing times and find out your niche and follow it without any second thoughts. Your success lies in your dreams.