December 8, 2023
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How to do eye makeup with glasses

Hey glasses girl, did you know there are some simple tricks you can learn to perfect your under-eyewear makeup technique? Despite what you might think about the magnifying power of your specs, you’ll actually need to wear more eye makeup than you normally would to make your eyes pop. That being said, you still want your look to be super clean and fresh, since glasses do draw attention to your eyes. Check out our top tips for a frame-friendly face.

When it comes to shadow, the lighter and more neutral the color on the lid, the better. You can’t go wrong with a selection from the Colour Riche Eye Shadows (we love the Army Brat palette!), which combines 4 pre-selected shadows that work together seamlessly. Blend slightly darker, warm hues into and above the crease, and dab a shimmery illuminator, like Magic Lumi Highlighter, on the brow bone and inner eye corner to open up the area.

Watch above video you will get the proper tips makeup tips for eyeglass wearers.

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