December 8, 2023

Different Types Of Fashion Photography

Fashion photography defines the success of a model’s portfolio to a great extent. This lies in the hands of a fashion photographer to a great extent. The angle at which shots are taken, the entire process of editing and getting images as desired depends on several things. The genre of photography depends to a great extent on the apparel and accessories. This enhances the effect of the shoots to a great extent. Over time, fashion photography has discovered new senses of aesthetics by showcasing the variety and beauty of clothes. 

A lot of things such as the locations involved, the storylines on which the shoots are based, and the techniques used to create unique styles of the photos are very important for compelling photography.

Fashion photography has further been classified into these groups:

1. ) High fashion

2. )Street fashion

3. )Catalog photography

4. )Editorial fashion photography

Let us have a detailed study of all these kinds of photography. 

1. High fashion


Supermodels, stars, celebrities, famous actors and actresses are the main people in consideration when it comes to this kind of photography. Big brands, which are the pioneering ones in the market, mainly advertise their products by making use of this kind of fashion photography.

The clothes, accessories and other stuff are displayed in a way that is somewhat different from the reality. The poses give an output that is sometimes too perfect. Exaggeration is the word here. All the elements of a model that include wardrobe, styling, hair, makeup, location, and the angles of light are combined in the right proportions to give a final image. This image is flawless. All significant labels use this form of photography for marketing their products.

These are the kind of images that can be found on the cover pages of the major magazines. High fashion images have often been said to be unrealistic. For maintaining a fancy visual, a shift is created from reality.

The main challenge that follows this kind of photography is the struggle to get a perfect image. One is always having to deal with decisions, which include making choices for the light nature of lights, the right model. The most important choice a photographer has to make is the right wardrobe to bring to light. All focus, in this case, is to make the images appealing and glamorous to a great extent. 

The basis of the shoots in high fashion is the mood. The mood in which the shots are taken matters a lot. The essential tip here is to follow the idea that was generated in the first place. It is crucial to understand what one is trying to deliver. This will help a lot in deciding the right intensity of light and the vital shades that are to be included in the shots. Collaborations also happen in these cases. A good team is essential for setting the right working mood and getting the desired output.

The team should include a bunch of people who are talented and creative. Also, they have to be responsible enough to handle the right elements together at the right time. Location can be outdoors or indoors, depending on the mood that is desired. Lightning equipment and proper cameras are to be used in suitable conditions.

2. Street fashion


The conventional styling ways of people inspire this kind of fashion photography. It depends on what motivates the general style and typical people. This kind of style is relaxed and casual. This is more about effortless dressing. The shots are taken when the models are doing their daily work. More candid poses are included in this.

The principal aim is to highlight the ideas that re trending in the real world. The style, in this case, is quite rugged as compared to the high street fashion. Daily wears, which include jeans, tee shirts, and hoodies, are the major clothing used in this case. There are no rules as such for this case of photography. This is because the main idea here is to keep it casual.

3. Catalog photography


This type of photography is used by companies to sell their products. Moreover, this is needed where printing is required. These kinds of images are the ones in which the model is necessary to pose against a particular background. The background is kept gray or white. Styling, in this case, is hassle-free. The clothing details are not much visible in this case.

Catalog photography is also known as product photography. The offshoot of catalog photography is called lookbook. In this, there is a combination of catalog photography and lifestyle photography. The models are shot in everyday locations and situations.

4. Editorial fashion photography


The shoots that happen for newspapers and journals come under this kind of photography. Mostly, these are accompanied by texts.

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