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Modeling has become a career option and an excellent esteem choice where many aspirants dream of becoming the next supermodel. To become a model, one has to take effort, perseverance, and discipline. They need to prepare themselves appropriately and follow a good strategy to stand out and get selected. 


There are many factors for their beautiful look, one of them is the genes that play a massive role in how tall, beautiful, and slender a model is, but another critical and colossal factor is the proper diet and exercise. Every model’s primary goal is to maintain their body slim and fit, with appropriate diet and exercise. There is always a question in everyone’s mind: what do the models eat every day to maintain such a cat-walk-ready figure, hoping that they can also look as good as models look. So let us investigate the diet of a model. 

Model’s Diet Routine 

Every model’s lifestyle is different as well as their body. Therefore, their diet and routine depend on their lifestyle and their metabolism. Models preparing themselves for a fashion show or a bikini shoot are likely to have strict diets and calories to remain thinner than other models living a simple lifestyle. Strict diets follow tough exercise regimes at least two times a day. 


Most models eat meals three times a day- Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner to get the energy they require to do their workouts. They take a light breakfast, normal meals for Lunch, and Dinner zoned out from three to six hours. They cut down snacks and high fat-based foods and eat three balanced meals every day. Many models also cut down certain food groups and diaries to prevent bloating and lean to be firm while walking in bikinis or underwear pieces. 

The models cut out carbs or limit their carb intake, alcohol, and sodas. Cutting out carbs sometimes results in bloating and inflammation. Some models cut out sugar and gluten processed food and eat only carbs before their exercise to provide themselves all that energy needed during the exercise they do for modelling show. All models do one important thing every day in their life: they drink lots of water to keep themselves hydrated and detoxify toxins from their bodies, which helps them with their digestive tract and boost metabolism. 

Indian models follow the same routine, but most prefer Indian foods to cut down the extra oil and spice. These models mostly prefer healthy diets over strict diets and maintain their body figure through exercise, yoga, and workouts. They eat basic Breakfast or Indian delicacies like poha, parathas, eggs, etc. Their Lunch and Dinner also includes Indian meals like curry, chapati, rice, dal, and many more. 

Most of the Victoria’s Secret Models also prefer a healthy diet rather than following any diet regime. Most of the model’s diet is planned as well as prepared by professional cooks or chefs. Nowadays, models don’t follow strict diets. Instead, they eat whatever they feel like being careful about what they consume and how much.

When they prepare for any show or shoot, they start following the detox program one or two months before, and then they are back on a regular diet. It is not easy in the beginning to change the lifestyle and diet for being a model, but once after changing your lifestyle completely, there’s no way back.  

What do Models eat for Breakfast? 

Models take a light breakfast and detox juice to hydrate themselves. Right after waking up, most of the models drink water or some infused liquid for cleaning guts. Some models instead eat more filling breakfast to start their day with total energy. 

Their Breakfast includes the following options- 

  • Overnight oats 
  • Oatmeal with different toppings like fruits, nuts, seeds, etc. 
  • Protein smoothie 
  • Healthy juices 
  • Smoothie bowl 
  • Eggs and avocado toast 
  • Eggs with bacon or egg sandwiches  
  • Fresh fruits with Greek yogurt 
  • Homemade granola 
  • Healthy pancakes  
healthy fruit salad

Indian models breakfast mostly Indian delicacies like- 

  • Poha 
  • Parathas without butter, ghee, or oil 
  • Eggs and toast 
  • Fruits and juices or coconut water 
  • Idli, Dosa or Vadas 
  • Chapati  
  • Oatmeal 
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One thing that every Indian model does is that they consume honey and lime water or warm water every morning to maintain their healthy skin. In addition, most of the models prefer protein and fats in their Breakfast, while some prefer carbs.  

What do Models eat for Lunch? 

Lunch for most of the models includes green and fresh cooked vegetables as well as lean proteins. 

  • Chicken salad with brown rice or quinoa and fresh veggies 
  • Grilled fish with boiled veggies 
  • Grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce and peas or greens 
  • Salads with tuna or chicken 
  • Chicken and brown rice with kale, avocado, or arugula 

Let us see the Indian meals for Lunch for models- 

  • Brown rice or plain rice with dal, veggies, curries, etc 
  • Vegetable salads 
  • Chicken salads 
  • Rice and chicken or egg curry 
  • Curd rice 
  • Rice with more green veggies, dal, and yogurt 
  • Fish curry or grilled fish 

What do Models eat for Dinner? 

Models like to have a light dinner, especially those who take a more filling breakfast. Indian models mostly prefer light Dinner and early in the evenings. 

  • Veggie soup or chicken soup 
  • Salads with lean proteins like chicken or fish 
  • Sushi 
  • Chicken with green veggies 
  • Fresh veg salad or fish 
  • Thai chicken soup 
  • Grilled or chicken steak 

Indian Model’s Dinner includes- 

  • Grilled or roasted chicken or fish with vegetables sauteed like carrots, beans, beets, broccoli, etc.  
  • Chapati with a bowl of veggie salad or vegetable curry or dal fry 
  • Quinoa salad or quinoa pulao  
  • Tofu salad with soup 

Model’s diet plan mainly includes fruits, vegetables, and protein-rich foods. But the diet plan only works when proper exercise and workout are included in a daily routine; otherwise, it’s impossible to maintain such a figure or get selected for any show or event. The model always avoids processed foods, junk foods, sugar, starchy vegetables, high sugar fruits, refined grains, and all kinds of alcohol. 

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