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Body Part Modelling

Traditionally, when you think of modeling you picture beautiful faces gracing magazine covers or walking runways. However, we are seeing an increase in body part modelling and seeing big bucks come in for something that seems so easy!

We are seeing more and more briefs coming through looking for beautiful hands to hold reputable products for advertising. But hand modelling is not the only sub-category to body part modelling. You can be a foot, lips, leg, ear and even neck model! Depending on what you need to represent.

But what defines a beautiful body part that clients may be looking for? Depending on the client, brief and brand, a beautiful hand could be small and thin, old and wrinkly, or big and masculine – but one thing they all hand in common is neatly groomed! In order to be a body part model of any body part, you MUST take care of your skin. For example hands and feet, you need to have nails trimmed and manicured and cuticles to be groomed.

See below for a bit more information on more common forms of body part modelling;


There is an endless list of what legs can sell! From bathing products, creams, lotions and razors – legs are a great selling point. To be a leg model, you must looks after the skin by moisturising daily, keeping them in shape and free of blemishes.

Modelling Agencies Mumbai


Hands in particular are a very common and popular form of advertising for jewellery such as rings and bracelets. But hand models are also used for hands on products to showcase how the product can be used.

Modelling Agencies Mumbai

Yes – there is a market out there for foot modelling! Some of us would cringe at the thought of getting our feet out on billboards for the world to see, but there is a demand! Feet can be used for products such as anti-fungal cream, showcasing footwear and nailpolish.

Modelling Agencies Mumbai


This one is pretty obvious, but how many advertisements and images are out there for lipsticks and teeth whitening? To be a lip model, it is essential to have moisturised, full lips and a nicely shaped nose, as they always sneak their way into shots! Generally speaking, teeth also need to be white and straight.

Modelling Agencies Mumbai

Body part modelling is such a great way to earn some extra money, as long as you can identify the market your body part is best suited for – you will be able to tell how to groom appropriately.

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