December 8, 2023
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Adios Monsoon!

Modelling agencies in Mumbai


As we bid farewell to the rains soon, there’s an essence of autumn and winter in the air, and we can all sense it. Considering the fashion trends in the coming seasons, the fad and the hype amongst the fashion enthusiasts is quite astonishing. Even before the season has set its foot in, there has been a huge demand in fashion departments and street stores with the king of the seasonal trend, the animal prints have hit everywhere and if you are someone who digs fashion, you must have one the animal prints like leopard, zebra, cow or snakes.

Just so you know, there are more autumn/winter trends that come active in this time period. Although some trends walk shoulder to shoulder with the animal prints, there are a few trends out there that are plain and not so interesting. As we’re halfway into September, it might time to know about the various fashion trends which come in demand amongst the people. So, in this post, we are going to check out amazing and realistic fashion trends of winter and autumn season.


1)  Animal Print –

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The Animal Print is considered to be the boss of all the autumn/winter 2018 fashion trends. This trend gained extreme demand across New York City, London, Milan and Paris. Leopard prints are considered to be the best of the lot. You can find leopard-prints coats and leopard print shoes are the two best representations of this trend. Although you can also find other animal prints like a snake, python patterns, zebra, cheetah print which are also classics. Also, many more wild and wonderful multi-coloured prints which you can try.


2)  Brown from the 70s’ –


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From the monogrammed beige and chocolate coloured clothes and accessories via the complete ode to every possible shade in the spectrum. With a number of literal takes on the 70s themed fashion on the Autumn and Winter fashion season collection runways, it is the shades of brown that will affect the personal style. With some kind of colour dominance during the season, it won’t be right to call brown as the new black.


3)  Short Party Dress – 


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Think about the A-listers on their Instagram feeds. Have you noticed what clothes they prefer to wear? Their party dresses are super elaborate like the ones in the late 1980s where the clothes were made of satin, silk, velvet, crystals, brocade and sequins which were used in abundance but on the shortest frocks, you may have ever seen. These frocks were worn with complimenting accessories like jewelry, shoes, bags, hair accessories, sunglasses. The outfit with these elements breaths Christmas theme.




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There are plenty of types of boots available out there at your disposal. There’s cowboy boots, knee-high boots and snake-print boots, all representing the autumn collection. But there’s one style that has been in the limelight for quite a while now. The slouchy boots gained recognition due to a reincarnation of the 70s trend. It is also comfortable and tucking in your jeans or trousers in it is quite simpler.


5)  Layering Methods – 


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Layering is another interesting styling method and has a pretty adventurous. Layering visions which exist in the higher tiers of the fashion industry. After studying the current status of the fashion industry, we’ve sifted out a selected few clever and amazing combinations which you can easily do. Starting from an old scarf putting it together with a trench coat to a shirt dress and trouser combination that appears insanely elegant. There are other combinations which you can try like wearing a Crombie Coat over a Denim Jacket or a giant scarf belted into a trench coat.


Well, that’s a wrap to our list of types of Autumn and Winter trends in fashion. With a number of trends mentioned above, which one did you like the most? Also, don’t forget to experiment and stylize and give yourself a stunning autumn/winter look.

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