February 23, 2024
modelling agencies in mumbai

5 Modeling Myths That Get in the Way of Success

modelling agencies in mumbai

People speak a lot. They spread rumors according to what they think about it. There are many about this profession which creates confusion in the minds of new models. This may reduce their interest and stop them from pursuing their lifelong dream of becoming a model.

Here are the myths listed below:

Myth #1 – You Have To Be Tall To Be a Modelwardrobe malfunction

Height was the crucial part of the modelling over the years. There was the specific range defined by height to enter into the modelling career. But over the past few years industry has relaxed those requirements and height is not an essential to becoming a model now.

Agencies are now representing models that are smaller in height by looking at their complete package and skills.

Myth #2 – You Have To Be Skinny To Be a Model

It was a myth that the model should be thin and curvy i.e. skinny. But now plus size models are also welcomed by the agencies who are curvier. In fact, they are the ones who are turning into superstars.

So, if you are curvy in spite of being plus size and know how to work it, then many of the top agencies will definitely want to see you!

Myth #3 – You Can’t Start Modeling Over 21 Years of Age

People believe that modelling starts before the age of 21. So if you cross the age you might not be able to work as a model. But now this fact is not true. The life style of people is changed and people are living a healthy life by maintaining and exercising. Cloth companies, healthcare companies, and some other companies have started using matured models in their advertising campaign and promotional material. They are an important part of commercial as well as high fashion markets.

Myth #4 – You Need Professional Photos To Get Signed To An Agency

Do I need professional photos to get signed to an agency? The answer is big NO. Simple snapshots are sufficient to represent yourself and prove your capability. It is not necessary to create a professional portfolio at the beginning of the career. This will increase your expense and you may get into trouble. But make sure that the snapshots are clear enough to prove yourself.

Myth #5 – If A Modeling Agency Likes Me They Will Pay For Everything

This is the biggest myth that creates confusion for new models. It is said that “don’t pay an agency to represent you”. But that is completely different from investing in your own basic start-up costs. Before investing you should know that what expenses are legitimate and what is a waste of money.

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