February 23, 2024
Tips To Travel Light And Dress Well For Your Summer Vacations

10 Tips To Travel Light And Dress Well For Your Summer Vacations

Tips To Travel Light And Dress Well For Your Summer Vacations
There come to your summer vacations and somehow, you have managed to plan a fantastic trip for yourself. For that, you are willing to carry a fashionable wardrobe with yourselves but at the same time, you need to be light with the overall amount of your luggage so that you can be at peace while carrying it. This is the ultimate dilemma of the travel pack.
So, to avoid this dilemma here is a tour to the summer vacation luggage that can be implemented in yours.
Hat: Hat is the best way to not get your skin burnt. There are many stylish and trendy options available which can be best suited for the area of travel. Pick up the piece as per your destination, so, may it be for the beach or a hill station. Just select yours and don’t expect to skip this out and this is a unique yet essential element of your vacation’s attire which beautifies your vacation photography.Sunglasses: Sunglasses are ever trendy to be carried in your travel bag. May it be vacationing for summers or winters, it ever classy and faddy to accessorize. For summer, carry polarized sunglasses which will protect you from UVA rays and UVB rays.

Scarf: An excellent lightweight scarf can be carried for multiple purposes. It can be used as an accessory over your outfit, or it could be carried when visiting a pilgrimage, or it can be used to cover up your bare skin in piercing heat to avoid tanning. Go for cotton or a linen scarf which isn’t suffocating under burning sun. Also, carry neutral shades and universal shades scarf which can be carried out with any outfit.

Easy Dress: You aren’t going for a fashion show in Mumbai or for a portfolio shoot to start your modeling career; simply, you are going for a vacation wherein you need to be comfortable so that you can enjoy to the fullest. So, avoid carrying heavy designer dresses and prefer carrying easy breezy dresses. These are perfect for every occasion as well as for every destination. It’s up to you, that how you will carry it by accessorizing the same as per the occasion. Women should opt for a slip dress paired with boots or flat sandals and men should opt for a crisp shirt paired with trendy loafers.

Comfortable Shoes: Instead of going for some chaotic designed shoes or sandals, prefer getting comfy sandals or slippers that will allow you to go for a long walk over beaches as well as hilly tracks. There are many trendy options available in these styles too. Affordable and breathable sandals in summers are the best options that should be packed in your bags.

Waterproof Shoes: You are out for summer vacation and there’s a possibility that you may allow your feet to get wet at some watery regions. To avoid some of the excessive situations, you may go for waterproof shoes which can be easily packed in your bag pack. These rain boots are highly essential for drizzly destinations.


Being satisfied with what you can carry, here are some tips that will elaborate you that in what quantity and quality you need to carry them all.

Carry less Pair of Shoes: Don’t carry more than 1-3 pairs. You need to be light with your luggage so that your main concentration is laid on an exploration of your vacation place. Sneakers and Loafers are the best pairs which can be attired with any kind of dress. Also, flat sandals for a casual walk and a pair of heels if you need to attend an evening party, are the best combinations to be carried.

Neutral Colours Accessories: Carry neutral shades accessories like fashion jewellery, footwear and so on that can be paired with any attire. This will reduce the number of accessories that you need to carry in your bag plus it will increase the probabilities of the same matching with your every attire.

Accessorize in Right Way: Select the accessories which will enhance your look. Don’t just accessorize because you have carried the stuff with you. You can go for a big stoned ring with long classy danglers. Add light makeup for being natural with your look and carry a good medium sized handbag for local travel.

Packing of Clothes and Accessories in coordinating colors: Just, for example, pick up three colors which must be added to your travel bag pack. Choose the colors as per your destination. If you are going to a beach then you can coordinate white, sky blue and lemon yellow colors. Pick all the clothes and accessories which go well with each of them. Through this method, you can simply strike off the unnecessary items from your travel pack list and you can be clear with your choice. Also, you will be at ease as you can mix up and wear the various attires.