Modelling agencies in mumbai

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Being a Model

Modelling agencies in mumbai

  1. It’s OK to eat!

Not every model lives on celery stick or water and bread; some can even enjoy a burger and milkshake. Would you believe us if we say that we’re talking about the majority of models here? Well, I promise you I’m not making this up.

Modelling agencies in mumbai

  1. Most people believe models are working on photo shoots every day.

In reality many models, apart from supermodels of course, find it very tricky getting regular bookings. Very often, models have periods where they don’t have any work at all

  1. Modelling means a lot of sitting around as well!

Models wait to get their make-up and hair done, they wait for the photographer till he is set up, wait to get their photos back, wait for runway shows to start or wait to be seen at castings. That’s why you very often see models with a book or a Phone in their hands.

  1. Photo shoots glamorous? Not always..

Photos which you see in magazines look very glamorous but the truth is mostly disappointing. During a photo shoot, it can be that a model has to dress very warm while it’s hot as hell, or the other way around, wearing a bathing suit while its freezing outside. Not sure what is worse?

Modelling agencies in mumbai

  1. You have to be on your guard the entire time

There are some photographers who want to have a shot taken at a time you definitely don’t want to be photographed. Bet those pictures won’t turn out as glamorous as those in the magazines. Still, those unpleasant shots shall probably get more attention in the media.

  1. Models don’t always get paid for shoots.

Yep, that’s right. Models don’t always get loaded with tons of those beloved little papers. These counts for beginning models especially, they just have the compensation of having new pictures to add to their portfolio.

Modelling agencies in Mumbai


  1. Models get to wear the most beautiful, expensive and glamorous outfits.

However, it is very rare if the model can keep the outfit. Sometimes a model is very lucky but this actually never happens.

  1. The art of re-touching images

Meet the models best friend in the business. There are unbelievable tricks to create the perfect image and there is not much that the imagists won’t do to try and create the perfect pic.

Modelling agencies in mumbai

  1. Expectations don’t always match reality.

It can be that a model is going to a fashion shoot which the photographer suggested, and that the photographer changed his mind and want to do a topless or nude shoot instead.

  1. Models can be ANY age!

Who said all models should be young? It’s possible to be a successful model when you’re at a more mature age as well.
It’s never too late!

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