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10 Important Fashion Vocabularies You Need To Know.

Your sense of styling might be different and unique. But, when you visit top-notch brands there are certain words that they speak, you are unaware of. To make it easy for shopping and enhancing your fashion vocabulary list, here are some trending vocabularies this year.

  1.    Bag Lady

This term is used by ladies whose hands are full of bags. A tote on their shoulder and a satchel swung around their shoulder.

  1.    Canadian Tuxedo

Denim-on-denim is something you term as ‘Canadian Tuxedo’. Basically, when you wear a denim jacket or a shirt with a pair of jeans, it is a Canadian Tuxedo.

  1.    Downtown

Anything that is black in colour or leather is termed as ‘Downtown’.

  1.    Duster

Duster coats come in silk or satin, but the woolen ones are the most preferred. These coats give you a bedtime charm, and you can use them to play with proportions.

  1.    Monokini    

A monokini must absolutely feature two wide side cut-outs, but plenty of them are complete with additional snips. This year the woman went bold with ways to show skin. Monokini is an easy answer for the same.

  1.    Nautical

Any outfit that has stripes patterns or is in red, blue and white colour they are known as ‘Nautical’.

  1.    Off Duty

The clothes a model wears anytime she leaves her house are ‘Off Duty’ clothes.

  1.    Puffer

Nylon coats that can be worn in many ways like with belts, off the shoulder or secure it all at the top. These coats take over your look completely.

  1.    See Now, Buy Now

Runway collection that displays just launched clothes which we can be purchased instantly.

  1.    Trainers

Trainers are the normal running shoes which are styled and designed as per the choices. Mostly comes in the form of a mesh and neutral colours. Hence, they are also called the Yeezy boots.

Now, when you visit a top-notch store, you can ask the staff what you want before they give you the list of latest unique trends. 

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