February 23, 2024
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Which Model Type Suits Your Personality Best?

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Modeling is the most stylish and fashionable career. The modeling career has changed drastically over the period of time. Earlier, people opt, modeling as a career from their teenage or later. But nowadays, right from the age of five, children dream of becoming a model someday. This change is due to the ever-growing entertainment field.

If you are someone thinking or dreaming of becoming a model then I would like to ask you which type of model do you wish to become? Shocked? Well, yes there are various different types of modeling in the modeling industry. Few people fit into a single category while another fit into multiple categories. In this article, we will share with you, different types of modeling in detail.

Here’s a glance at different types of modeling to help you choose the best one before you enter the modeling world.


This category is the most difficult and exclusive category from the rest of the categories for a model to get into. Overall, a fashion model must be tall, young, and thin. The size requirements in fashion modeling are typical as follows:

Female Fashion Models:

  • Model Height Requirement: 5’8” to 6”
  • Model Measurement Requirement: 34-24-34.
  • Model Age Requirement: 16-21 years old.
  • Model Weight Requirement: 47-58 kg, directly proportional to height

Male Fashion Models:

  • Model Height Requirement: 5’11” to 6’2”.
  • Model Weight Requirement: 63-75 kg, directly proportional to height.
  • Model Measurement Requirement: Waist between 29” and 32”. Shirt size between 15-15 ½ neck, sleeve size between 32 and 34. Jacket size between 40 and 42.
  • Model Age Requirement: 18-25 years old.


Most of the agencies’ models work in this category. Commercial models are the models who not only work for commercials but for different other jobs like print advertisements, catalogs, campaigns, television shows, magazines, trade shows, and much more. In this category, there are no specific size requirements. So, if you are dying to be a fashion model but cannot go for it due to the size requirements limitations, then you can still find work and book great jobs as a “COMMERCIAL fashion model”, doing fashion print and things of that nature. The girl-next-door, to middle-aged men, to those with very “unique/interesting” faces all can fit in this category of modeling.


Print models are the model used for many different types of publications, such as magazines, print advertisements, billboards, posters, calendars, campaigns, booklets, flyers, banners. The requirement of a print model is that he/she must have an attractive face, good skin, a nice body, and a pretty smile. The two ways through which print models can find work is with the help of a modeling agency, or by freelance modeling.


The models that walk the ramp for any fashion brand are the runway models. These models are hired to use their bodies as a mechanism to display the fashion garments of a specific clothing designer. The requirements for a runway model are that they must be tall, slender, have measurements that fit the standard clothing size, and know how to walk the runway.


If you are someone who loves to keep themselves fit and healthy, this category belongs to you. You should be toned, in-shape, healthy, and have the good muscle tone to become a fitness model. The only requirement for this category is that you should be in shape. There are many modeling agencies that have fitness model has an individual department. You as an individual can also represent yourself as a fitness model without the support of any agencies.


This modeling category is for all the plus-size people who love their body just the way it is. There no specific size requirements needed for this category. The plus-size model, also known as “Full figured models”, weigh more, have fuller figures, and have pretty faces. These models can be hired for the plus-size clothing brands like ‘aLL’ among many other job opportunities.


Art model is the one who works along with the visual artist. The model is an intended art piece, usually asked to pose while the artist interprets and creates a piece of art. Artist uses the art model as a real-life visual aid. There are many opportunities for an art model such as paintings, illustrations, sculpture, and photography.


If you are a tiny human on this planet who wish to enter the modeling industry as a model then petite model category is for you. These models are typically 5’4” and under. You may not find work as a fashion model, but you can still be able to find work in other categories, such as a print, commercial, glamour, or promotional modeling.


The parts model are the models who model their parts such as hands, legs, stomach, etc. There are modeling agencies that represent parts model and the best way to get a push in this category is by finding an agent rather than attempting to freelance.


In glamour modeling, the model focuses much more on their appeal, body, and beauty than anything else. There are no specific size requirements to become a glamour model but you need to be at least 18 years old or above. The glamour models are mostly hired to appear in a swimsuit, bikini, lingerie, and form-fitting attire. They will find work in magazines, music videos, calendars, etc.

This is a list of the different types of modeling. Now, that you have the knowledge of the types of modeling, it will become easy for you to choose the type of modeling that suits your personality best. If you want to know more such types of modeling visit this site. Also, do share your views about this article in the comment section below.