February 21, 2024
Modelling Agencies in Mumbai

What is a Modelling Comp Card?

The new models entering the world of fashion need to have these things ready in their hand i.e. composite cards, portfolios and web profiles. The modelling agency play the role of suggesting the models about considering these elements for their career. The fact is that models are themselves considered as independent contractors of their own and these items are the marketing materials for the basic start-up of a modelling career.Modelling Agencies in Mumbai

Comp card?

Comp card is short form for Composite Card, which is mostly used by actors and models for commercial print auditions and self-promotion. The main intention is to show as much variety as possible so that the casting director can visualize you in a different type.

Who requires a Comp Card?

Comp cards are not just for models-Every actor should also have one. Gradually model’s comp card is her review card like a spread in Vogue magazine, while an actor’s comp card is about lifestyle Fashion work is reserved for models, but there’s a ton of print work for actors. Advertisers are always looking for attractive, and glooming people to hinder the product.


A comp card is a vital support system in addition to a headshot. It basically helps you to introduce yourself to the industry experts from a different perspective. The card leverages you the solutions that the commercial agent will help you to promote proving yourself different.

A comp card displays 4 to 6 of a model’s photos and includes his/her statistics and modeling agency contact information. In many circumstances, comp cards are the only one creating your true picture giving you an opportunity to create first impression.

Information Included in the Comp Card:

In addition to the photos, your comp card should contain all of the vital details that agencies, scouts, and clients need to know, such as your name, height, measurements, hair color, eye color, shoe size, and dress size. You need to include contact information, either for your agency (if you’re signed with one) or for yourself most importantly. You’ll never get booked if people can’t get a hold of you!

Stats for women: Hair color, Eye color, Height, Bust, Waist, Hips, Dress size, Shoe size

Stats for Men: Hair color, Eye color, Height, Suit or Chest Size, Waist, Inseam, Shoe size


Which photos should you choose?

If you are being signed up with the agency it will help you to pick the best photos of yours. Whereas if you are selecting on your own be careful and possibly tweak your choices until you get the desired result. Your prime photo needs to be eye-catching and engaging- one with a true “wow factor”. This one is the most important remember.

Be selective but don’t give up with the choices. Even though if the photos are small, the look needs to say everything about you. Think of them as a narrow version of your portfolio.


Modelling Agencies in Mumbai

Basics: –

Size – 8.5” × 5’5”

It can be formatted horizontally or vertically. A high-quality comp card will be printed on a thick card stock.

Quality comp card printers will generally provide samples of their work if you request them. Quality prints will help to enhance your career as it will create your best purview.

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