February 21, 2024
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Want to get your modelling portfolio done? Some tips to get it right.

Modelling seems easy to a lot of people. According to them, it is all about striking a pose and looking good. If you’re a model or you aspire to be so, I know your reply to such notions would be, “Hah! I wish it was that easy”. Well, that is true. Modelling requires a lot of skill, hard work, and knowledge, along with glamour. But, apart from all this, another important thing that will kickstart your modelling career the right way is a killer modelling portfolio.

The first and foremost step to get your modelling career start is by preparing an impressive modelling portfolio. It should be well-rounded, showcasing your skills and strengths through high-quality, crisp, and stunning photos. Your modelling portfolio needs to be impressive because it is the very first thing modelling clients and agencies will take a look at. A powerful modelling portfolio will create an amazing first impression, opening up a door to a modelling career for you.

How Can a Modelling Portfolio be Great?

Now that you know how important a good modelling portfolio is, you might be thinking how to make one. Before I get to that, you need to know what a “good” modelling portfolio is. If you know what to include in your portfolio and what photos show your strengths, your portfolio will not only showcase your ability but also leave the clients saying “Amazing!”

A good modelling portfolio is one that has your best photos. The golden rule when it comes to modelling portfolios is – ‘quality matters’. Your portfolio should feature only your best photos with the best quality and crisp imagery. The photos you select must accomplish the following things: –

  • Showcasing your range and versatility to adapt to various scenes and situations.

  • Show the type of modelling work you have interests in, like fashion, fitness, runway, lifestyle, etc.

  • Sell your personality and a strong sense of you to make the agency or client choose you.

Fortunately, putting together a good modelling portfolio is easy if you know what you are doing and follow the steps mentioned above. Such a portfolio can create the difference between you getting that coveted modelling job or losing it.

Tips to Get Your Modelling Portfolio Done Right

Now that we have established the importance of a great modelling portfolio, it is time for you to get started on making one. If you are confused or you don’t know how to construct a proper modelling portfolio, here are a few tips for you to get it all done: –

1) Determine your type of modelling.

The basic and first step to creating a good modelling portfolio is determining the type of modelling you want to do. There are a number of modelling types, some of which have very specific requirements for physical appearance, skill level, etc. Though it is true that most modelling types require tall and thin individuals, there are other types that prefer flexible body types. Those are: –

  • Live Modelling – where personality is more important than a specific body type.

  • Fashion Modelling – the most common type of modelling to become a successful fashion model.

  • Commercial Print Modelling – for models who appear in advertisements in newspapers, magazines, etc.

  • Body Part Modelling – where you need to showcase a particular part of your body.

2) Hire a professional photographer and make-up artist.

As I mentioned before, your portfolio needs to have stunning photos in order to help you land that amazing modelling job and start your modelling career the right way. To achieve this, not only do your photographs need to look absolutely breathtaking, but you yourself need to look the same. For this, you need the professionals who know what they’re doing and help you get an edge.

To hire a professional photographer, you need to call a few local modelling agencies and get hold of a good photographer they use. Such photographers who have experience in the industry know how to take perfect shots for portfolio pictures. If you’re lucky, the photographer will provide you a contact for a professional make-up artist as well. If not, contact local modelling agencies to get hold of one.

3) Choose the best photos of you for the portfolio.

Remember, quality matters more than quantity, when it comes to modelling portfolios. You need to carefully scrutinize and select a mix of photos that will launch your career by showcasing your strong points in a powerful way. Select 12-16 of your best photos that portray what you are and what you have to offer. These photos should be taken in various outfits and under several situations to show your versatility.

4) Practice posing.

It is nothing new that a model has to pose. That is literally a model’s job all day, to pose and be confident. As you may have heard, practice makes a man perfect. Therefore, look through magazines and YouTube videos to find the poses that inspire you. Once you do find them, practice them in front of a mirror and keep changing the angles. Keep practicing until you hone your posing skills. Better your pose, better the portfolio pictures, remember that.

A quick tip; assign a family member or your friend to be the critique and point out the mistakes as your practice posing. That way, you can effectively point out the errors and perfect the art of posing.

5) Choose proper clothing for the shoot.

You also need to remember that the purpose of your modelling portfolio is to sell you to the client or modelling agency. Thus, you should choose proper clothes and outfits, and eliminate those that strays from the purpose. Choose clothes that fit you well and you’re confident you will look good in. It is also advisable to go for solid colors, rather than designs and patterns. Keep several outfit options to make a vibrant portfolio with an impressive range of looks.

6) Maintain your looks well. 

Everyone knows that the most important part of a model is his or her appearance. Looking your best at a photo shoot is crucial, especially when it is for your modelling portfolio. Thus, perform a routine maintenance on yourself as you require before the big day. To get the perfect shots in your portfolio, you need to look your best. So, get a good night’s sleep before the shoot day and avoid alcohol definitely.

So, if you’re aspiring to become a successful model, get the first step of it right. Take your time and create the best possible modelling portfolio that will sweep the clients and agencies off their feet. Doing so is not impossible; be confident and follow the tips mentioned above. Tick off all the boxes and execute every step properly to get yourself an amazing portfolio. All the best!