February 21, 2024
Back neck blouse- modelling agencies in mumbai

Top 7 Stylish Back Neck Blouse Designs Of 2017

Do you love to wear sari on occasions? A girl or a woman looks adorable when she wears a sari. Now-a-days sarees are designed beautifully, well embellished, printed, crystal designed etc. But apart from sari, blouse plays an important role in the appearance. There are various styles of blouses with back neck designs which give a stunning look on an event. Even the bride will look pretty in those back necks which are beautifully styled that add the richness of the saree. Here are some recent trends of back neck for events such as weddings and parties.

  • Back neck blouse designs covered with net


Back neck blouse- modelling agencies in mumbai

This type of blouse is half or completely covered with net material. Patterns can vary according to your need. The running buttons gives a stunning and sexy look. It is not necessary that the back should be completely netted; you can adjust it according to your comfort level. You can pair this type of blouse with a stylish sari to wear in the party or other functions.

  • Deep back neck blouse designs


Deep back neck blouse designs-modelling agencies mumbai

This type of blouse gives the sexy appearance. Women who are assured about flaunting their back can opt for deep back neck designs. The style is very famous and trending since 90s yet modern. This gorgeous blouse is perfect for events like weddings and festivals.

  • Cut out blouse designs


Cut out blouse designs-modelling agencies in mumbai

Cut out blouse can be of any shape viz. circular, semi-circular, rectangular, triangular, heart-shaped or any other designs as per you and your designer’s recommendation. The designs can be used with the embroidered, printed or designer sari. This blouse gives an adorable look when paired up with boho earrings and a tie up braided hairstyle.

  • Backless tie-up back neck


Backless tie-up back neck- modelling agencies in mumbai

There are many types of backless tie-up blouses viz. Single string tie up, double string tie-up or even multiple strings. You can add latkans to the strings for good appearance and fashionable look. Embroidered full sleeves looks elegant in this type of blouse.

  • Buttons on the back


Buttons on the back- modelling agencies in mumbai

This type of blouse is trending a lot in Bollywood. You can tell your tailor the design you want and he will make it for you. It suits for both sleeveless and full sleeves. This pattern looks good in sheer fabric and the buttons give a catchy look as well.

  • Back slit blouse design


Back slit blouse design- modelling agencies in mumbai

Slit blouse has long and short slits again depending on your comfort level. It depends on the amount of skin you wish to flaunt. Back will always be covered and plain and printed blouse looks good in slit. Simple embroidered blouse gives a comfy look in slit.

  • Bejewelled back neck


Bejewelled back neck- modelling agencies in mumbai

Bejewelled blouses are mostly used for the wedding purposes. It is completely designed using crystals and pearls, exquisite embroidery in bright sliver or golden thread. It gives a regal look and is very expensive.

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