February 21, 2024
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Top 5 Mistakes you should avoid as a Model

Are you new in modelling? Like in every profession, a new or aspiring model also comes across certain obstacles. It’s always important to prepare yourself for the worst. Because of that, you need the right information which can help you improve and be a better model.

You are not just one of the aspiring beginners who dreams about the fancy life of models but one who wants to become a professional model… You need to act! And take things seriously in order to start your modelling career!

In order to become a successful model, you need to consider some basic qualities. Furthermore, you need to be careful about some common mistakes most models do. Of course, several of you think that, all you need to become a fashion model is good heightlooks and body BUT! Others depend on your communication skills, behavior and attitude.

Let us explain some common mistakes models make and how to avoid them.

Taking bad pictures!

Your pictures allow industry professionals to clearly see your bone structure, the health of your skin and hair, and your body proportions. There is nothing wrong with it if you want to take a shoot from a great moment with your friends or just from yourself, but if you want to reach the modelling world you should take full body pictures on white backgrounds, wearing jeans and t-shirt, It will always be 1,000 times more effective than all that follows.

Taking Casting Rejections Personally

Don’t limit yourself to just one market.

You have to keep in mind that the modelling world is not just about showing the most beautiful side of you, It is difficult for anyone to hear that their “look” is not accepted by everyone. A model career is actually a strange thing. You are going to spend more time looking for work than actually doing it. Castings will not always lead to bookings. So learn to accept rejections as way of life and keep moving forward.

Not being honest and punctual

Why are honesty and punctuality so important? Simply because when you are punctual, it helps people take you seriously, and most important, you know the value of time for others, time is money!

If you miss the call time or leave an assignment without any advance notice, you may never be called back by a photographer or modelling. In fact, such behavior can completely ruin your career.

As they say.. “Honesty is the best policy” and “Time is gold”. Having these points in your life would really help you to open your minds to realize how things work.

Anticipe 4 or 5 alarm clocks to be sure to get up in time!

Not Getting Enough Exposure

Because it’s particularly essential for models to know how to manage their online reputation as a professional. If you want to become the next Ujjwala Raut you must work everywhere while still having a good e-reputation. And, if everything goes well, that will significantly increase your chances of obtaining exposure.

Going to castings wearing an inappropriate attire

During your casting, a poor choice of attire can make you lose points. Don’t come dressed in formal attire or otherwise jogging. Sometimes you will be asked to bring leggings and a pair of heels to pass the casting. In any case, come in an outfit that puts you in value but still relatively neutral.

Don’t over-accessorize; pick one unusual piece that gives your outfit personality. Great legs? Wear a skirt above the knee. Tiny waist? Don’t hide it under a baggy shirt. Most importantly, if you are under 5’10″ namely 1’77cm, wear heels! Even if you are over 5’10″ go for it.

Forget sequins, ruffles and exuberance! Stay natural.

So are you serious about modelling? Join us today and apply to castings on modellingagenciesmumbai.com as a professional model!