February 21, 2024
Tess Holiday

Top 20 Plus Sized Models Internationally

One of the major trending wave in the fashion world is of the plus sized models. Good news and the open mindedness of the current generation about diversity in fashion not just being limited to the slim and trim.

 Fashion of all sizes is gaining its deserved representation on the media and beyond. Keeping the movement and international recognition received by these plus-sized models in mind, we decided to stock and come up with a list of the Top 20 plus-sized internationally recognized beauties.

1) Jessica Leahy

Jessica Leahy made her debut at the New York Fashion Week as an Australian supermodel. She had from the start of her life accepted her size and was extraordinarily comfortable in her body. She teaches to her followers -never to feel unconfident about themselves and be sincerely cozy about their bodies.

Except being a plus sized model ,she also is a popular model in the fashion industry.

2) La’Tecia Thomas

La’Tecia Thomas

La’Tecta’s talent for modeling was first recognized when she was just 15 in her hometown Melbourne. It was that day and today when you can find her among the top Australian plus-size models. She is content with her body and considers plus-size modelling to be a liberating experience. Body positive models like her believe that the industry should drop the title of plus size and promote women of all sizes.

3) Lexi Placourakis

Lexi Placourakis

After events of continued fight with weight, food and attempt to become thin, Lexi strives to debunk guidelines of how one is supposed to look. She is also a mother of a 3 year old child and that still didn’t stop this supermodel and entrepreneur from dreaming. A source of inspiration not just to models but mother too. Modelling comes from her genes as her mother too was a former Miss Hawaii USA. However she had different idea than her mother’s. Her unconventional body kind and mindset doesn’t come in easily these days- but that is what catapulted her into the career of a plus-size model.

4) Candice Huffine

Candice Huffine

This American beauty started her career by competing in pageants as a beauty queen. She is one of such kind of models who refused to lose weight when asked by producer while modelling. She received her big break when she featured in Vogue Italia’s plus sized spread alongside Tara Lynn (about whom you would be reading as and when you progress with the article). Her exuberance and courage gives her the strength to express her body positivity and self-love to the world.

5) Clementine Desseaux

Clementine Desseaux

The co-founder of All Women Project, Clementine is a well-established body positive model and blogger. She started this organisation alongside Charli Howard. The All Women Project organization runs self-esteem building workshops in schools aiming at changing the stereotypic thinking of the fashion industry. She is all worth mentioning in the top 5 plus models also, all credits to her advocacy for a diverging modelling industry.

6) Tara Lynn

Tara Lynn

Making appearance in various magazines like Glamour, Elle, Vogue, Time Magazine, and many more. Tara is a model with whom everyone wants to share the stage. She gained much of her spotlight after the Vogue’ Italia famous plus size editorial spread. Tara Lynn after passing through various difficulties in her life today inspires diversity in the modelling industry and encourages young and mature women to feel satisfied with their natural figure.

7) Ashley Graham


Ashley is the first every plus size model to be featured on the Sports Illustrated cover. She did shoot so gracefully and beautifully that just after it she bagged another three big covers. She is associated with Vogue, Cosmopolitan and many other big fashions. She is also an author of the book titled-”‘What Confidence, Beauty, And Power really look like”.

8) Precious Victoria Lee


Talk about facing difficulties and Victoria missing the list, Not possible!! Alongside a different body type than the mainstream was an off-beat name. Victoria definitely had a long time getting over these making her story PRECIOUS. After Ashley Graham, Victoria had been on the cover of Sports Illustrated after the plus size models were welcomed for the covers. Life was full of difficulties but successfully coming over them is all about Lee.

9) Tabria Majors


Tabria Major strongly believes that women with big and curvy bodies are as beautiful as regular models. Talk about growth, Tabria worked as a maid in L.A to feed herself, during initial stages of her life and today even while talking about it makes her feel stronger. 

She has been breaking barriers throughout her life, alongside being on the Sports Illustrated magazine she has also hosted a podcast titled-”The Thick”.

10) Jennie Runk


Her appearances in US Vogue’s 2005 Shape issue and H&M Summer 2013 campaign helped her gain prominence in the fashion industry. The campaign also received exclusive media coverage alongside being featured on the first page of the H&M website. She makes one feel good about being different and chubby.

11) Fluvia Lacerda

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Vanessa Carvalho/REX/Shutterstock (9988370j) Fluvia Lacerda 46th Annual International Emmy Awards, Arrivals, New York, USA – 19 Nov 2018

This Brazilian beauty is nothing like regular models. Ever since being discovered by a magazine editor in a bus in Manhattan, she has been featuring in all big plus size brands. She is also the first plus-size model to be on the cover of Playboy magazine, Brazil. From her encounter till date she has never seen back and continues to inspire women.

12) Melissa Aronson


Also known as “Emme” Aronson is a social reformer and a body image advocate. She gained her fame for being the first full-figured model chosen for People magazine’s 50 most beautiful people in 1994. She also stood as one of the highest-paid plus-size models of the Nineties.

13) Inga Eiriksdottir


The Iceland beauty, Eiriksdottir loves doing Yoga and going for various sports. She is one of the brightest stars currently in the industry. Her journey as a model started after her discovery in the pizzeria in Iceland. Besides being a model she is a body positive advocate too and spends most of her time inspiring young girls.

14) Hayley Herms


The ultimate queen of the Nineties Hayley Herms is one of the rising plus-size models in the industry. She is well known for her grunge-inspired style. Talk about followers: her Instagram account is flooded with followers.

15) Katie Knowles


Katie Knowles a UK-based plus-size model is a breath of fresh air in the industry. This model is fighting not only stereotypes but her spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease. Despite being handicapped this beauty has made her way among the top plus sizes. She has even collaborated with Yours brand which provides style advice to its customers.

16) Crystal Renn


At an early age of 14, due to overweight Crystal Renn was told by her agents to reduce almost a third of her body weight to become a model. She was after which hit by anorexia, to overcome which she altered her diet and exercise habits and gained weight. Embracing her body and building confidence she re-emerged as a plus-size artist. This was all about her in short. In 2009 she wrote a novel about her experience in the fashion industry titled-” Hungry: A Young Model’s Story of Appetite, Ambition and the Ultimate Embrace of Curves.

17) Robyn Lawley


With a height of 6 feet and above Robyn Lawley is a plus-size and curvy model. She is also the very first plus-size model to appear in both the big magazines – Australian Cosmopolitan and Vogue Australia. Today she is one of the most influential and successful plus-size artists or models of the industry.

She has also made appearances in Elle, H&M, Vogue Italia, etc.

18) Gabi Gregg


Gabi is an all in one package of- Plus-size model, body-positive advocate, designer, and an entrepreneur. This model has left no field unturned when it comes to fashion. Besides fashion walks, she has also designed a capsule of 5 Swimsuit collection for all, as well as special ones for the plus size fashion line. Premme, her best friend worked alongside her on these collections.

19) Georgina Burke


Georgina Burke in 2014 was named the face of Torrid, the American women retail company. She found her ultimate success in New York, US. About appearances in prestigious magazines she has been featured in Elle, Teen Vogue, Vogue Italia, and JustFab Plus.

20) Tess Holliday


Ryann Maegen Hoven, professionally known as Tess Holliday is an American overweight model, blogger and makeup artist. She is based in Los Angeles for years. Tess has been named as one of the top plus-size models in the world by Vogue Italia. She is also the world’s largest plus-size model signed to a mainstream modeling agency called Milk Model Management.

In conclusion, would like to say, it is not one’s size, colour or bodyweight which decides his/her future, it is the single-minded focus towards the ambition. These above-mentioned personalities stand as proof for the above statement. Thus, rather than criticizing what you have got, embrace it and work towards betterment ,World would always praise you!!!