February 21, 2024
modelling agencies mumbai

Tips to stay away from modeling scams

modelling agencies mumbai

Modeling scammers are there all over the world especially on internet. They usually target young girls who are passionate about modeling but not getting any chance to get into fashion industry. But this is sad because there are many sincere modeling agencies on internet too. The best way to stay away from scam is to know the difference between who scammers are and who are genuine. Here are few basics that to spot the scammers.

  • Know that when you are desperate for something, this is the time when you are most exposed to scammers. When someone is desperate for something, they tend take non- rational decisions without using their judgmental sense. Suppose someone who wants to become a model, gets a call or email stating that if you want to boost career in modeling just pay an X amount. This statement will encourage them and without thinking logically and they will pay that amount to the scammer. In such situation just take precaution by investigating more about the call and respond rationally.
  • If the email addresses from which you are receiving emails are not from personalized business email id (for example: [email protected] not like [email protected] or [email protected], etc.) then consider them as scam. If the emails are not from company email address them the emails are definitely bogus.
  • Models are not overpaid in advance before the shoot. A man guaranteeing to speak to a noteworthy design mark or a universally distributed magazine messages you and reveals to you that you have been chosen for a shoot. They will likewise disclose to you that you will be paid X amount in advance, yet then you need to send a portion of the cash back to the beautician/make-up craftsman/and so forth. To begin with, they will drain you for a pack of individual and managing an account data. At that point, they will send you the check, however it won’t be genuine, and you will be out the sum that they instructed you to send back. Why might an organization pay a model ahead of time while never meeting the model before the shoot? Which organization would send a huge entirety of cash to somebody they never met the administration was given?
  • Unless the model is famous, model goes to agencies, not the agencies come to model. The legitimate modeling agency gets a thousand of photo submissions daily from and they can choose from the data which model will fit in their requirement. So if you get any call that to send a photo of yours to represent them or a good brand, then consider as a scam.
  • Enrollment fees are not charged by modeling agencies. They usually take some percentage as their commission on each job they book for you. Some of the modeling agencies could charge for making portfolio, but they don’t take enrollment fees. And more over genuine modeling agencies will not take any amount to represent you in any event. If any agencies demand for enrollment fees or fees foe representing you, then it is for sure that they are bogus companies or scammers.

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