February 21, 2024
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The Importance of Email Etiquette for Models

modelling agencies in mumbai

The Importance of Email Etiquette for Models

With all kinds of businesses, including modelling, conducting their business online more than ever before, it’s essential that you always put your best self forward, even from behind a computer screen. With modelling agencies looking at every aspect of a new models’ potential, email etiquette is no small thing; and when you are trying to get your modelling career going, it is important you do everything you can to give yourself the best opportunity to be successful.

Here are five things to keep in mind when you are using emails or any other form of online messaging for modelling work.

Use an Appropriate Email Address 

Modelling agencies and scouts receive tonnes of emails on a single day from aspiring models who are sending their pictures to be considered or inquiring about the process to become a model. Check your email address so that it is appropriate and professional to increase the chance that your email is opened. Use an email address that is something simple (like your first and last name) and does not include any vulgarity, drug references, misspelled, or childish words. If possible, create an email address specially for conducting business, and this will help prevent sending the wrong emails to the wrong people, or having important emails get lost in the shuffle.

Be Polite

No matter what kind of business you are conducting, online or offline, using proper protocols will always work in your favour and go a long way to creating a good first impression.

As mentioned, modelling agencies and model scouts receive an excess of emails every day, so it is always nice to thank agencies and scouts for their time in reviewing your email. Furthermore, make sure any requests you make include the word “please!”

Use Spellcheck

Spelling and grammatical errors look very unprofessional, untidy and have no place in work emails.

These mistakes make you look careless and as though you didn’t put much time or thought into your email. Determine that you take modelling seriously and, at the very least, run emails through Spellcheck or have someone review them for you. Normally, emails to modelling agencies won’t be very long so it won’t add a lot of extra time to assure that they are spelled correctly but it will go a long way for demonstrating your professionalism.

Be Careful with Copy and Paste

If you are sending emails to numerous different modelling agencies, do your research as to who you are addressing. Be very attentive if you are copying and pasting these emails so you aren’t sending an email addressed to one modelling agency that is really intended for another. You don’t want to address the email to the wrong person or agency, so double check everything before you press send. If an email is wrongly addressed, modelling agencies will likely disrespect them completely, and you run the risk of your photos never being seen. Put something simple and explanatory in the subject line so your intentions are clear.

Research Your Audience

Not all modelling agencies in Mumbai are looking for the same kind of models. Research about the agency before sending an email and know what kind of models they are looking for. Also, check out what type of image format they follow. If you want to get into lingerie or glamour modelling, cross-check that the agency you’re contacting accepts those types of models. Else, the pictures you send for them to review might be considered incredibly inappropriate.