How to become a Pregnant Model

How to become a Pregnant Model In 2011, Victoria’s Secret Angel Alessandra Ambrosio famously walked the runway when she was expecting her second child – wearing only some sexy lingerie and a 30 lb. and a six-foot-wide pair of copper angel wings. Most pregnant women, models or not, likely applaud Alessandra for rocking the runway […]

The Importance of Email Etiquette for Models

The Importance of Email Etiquette for Models With all kinds of businesses, including modelling, conducting their business online more than ever before, it’s essential that you always put your best self forward, even from behind a computer screen. With modelling agencies looking at every aspect of a new models’ potential, email etiquette is no small thing; […]

How To Get Your Child, Kid, Toddler, or Baby Into Modelling!

Getting your child into modelling is very easy just like mailing or sending email to the modelling agent who represents children. We the Modelling Agencies Mumbai would like to inform that there is a big misconception that parents have to spend lots of money on professional photographs, modelling classes and fancy outfits to get their […]

6 Must Have Skills for Working as a Fit Model

Whenever clothes are designed, they have to go through various processes that take the designer clothes from the simple concept to the unique product. This is the main reason why you never want to take off your clothes because you like them the most. But, before finalizing the fitting, a fit model plays an important […]

How to Submit Your Photos to Modelling Agencies

To build a modelling career, you have to take some steps. Until and unless you take photos and send them to the sources you won’t create your own image as a model. Essentially, there are four methods to send your photos to local and international modelling agencies. You can send your photographs by email or […]

How to look slim?

For modelling, sometimes it is necessary to look slim. Not only for modelling career but for a hot date or a big interview you always wish to look slim. Here are some steps to look slim: Steps Whatever your size is, buy clothes that fit you. If you wear clothes which are of the wrong […]

The 4 Biggest Perks of Being a Runway Model  

Lot of people think that the life of runway models seems like it is all flash, glitter and glamorous all the time. Unlike modelling agencies know the secret behind this, in truth, there is tremendous hard work which helps them to become a successful model. It is not always glamorous as it looks on camera. […]

Why do models need an agency?

In this generation, the internet is the king of all careers including modelling. It allows agents and scouts to showcase their models instantly and worldwide with a click of a mouse. Models are now becoming superstars with the help of social media and clients have the ability to hire them directly online. But there are […]