Tips to stay away from modeling scams

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Modeling scammers are there all over the world especially on internet. They usually target young girls who are passionate about modeling but not getting any chance to get into fashion industry. But this is sad because there are many sincere modeling agencies on internet too. The best way to stay away from scam is to know the difference between who scammers are and who are genuine. Here are few basics that to spot the scammers.

  • Know that when you are desperate for something, this is the time when you are most exposed to scammers. When someone is desperate for something, they tend take non- rational decisions without using their judgmental sense. Suppose someone who wants to become a model, gets a call or email stating that if you want to boost career in modeling just pay an X amount. This statement will encourage them and without thinking logically and they will pay that amount to the scammer. In such situation just take precaution by investigating more about the call and respond rationally.
  • If the email addresses from which you are receiving emails are not from personalized business email id (for example: not like or, etc.) then consider them as scam. If the emails are not from company email address them the emails are definitely bogus.
  • Models are not overpaid in advance before the shoot. A man guaranteeing to speak to a noteworthy design mark or a universally distributed magazine messages you and reveals to you that you have been chosen for a shoot. They will likewise disclose to you that you will be paid X amount in advance, yet then you need to send a portion of the cash back to the beautician/make-up craftsman/and so forth. To begin with, they will drain you for a pack of individual and managing an account data. At that point, they will send you the check, however it won’t be genuine, and you will be out the sum that they instructed you to send back. Why might an organization pay a model ahead of time while never meeting the model before the shoot? Which organization would send a huge entirety of cash to somebody they never met the administration was given?
  • Unless the model is famous, model goes to agencies, not the agencies come to model. The legitimate modeling agency gets a thousand of photo submissions daily from and they can choose from the data which model will fit in their requirement. So if you get any call that to send a photo of yours to represent them or a good brand, then consider as a scam.
  • Enrollment fees are not charged by modeling agencies. They usually take some percentage as their commission on each job they book for you. Some of the modeling agencies could charge for making portfolio, but they don’t take enrollment fees. And more over genuine modeling agencies will not take any amount to represent you in any event. If any agencies demand for enrollment fees or fees foe representing you, then it is for sure that they are bogus companies or scammers.

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Facts about Fashion!

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  • Napoleon who was known for war also contributed to fashion industry in many ways. One of his contributions is buttons on the sleeves of our jacket. The reason behind his contribution is that his soldiers use to wipes their noses on sleeves. In order to avoid this action he started stitching buttons on sleeves
  • 1943 was the year in which the first Fashion Week started in New York. The reason behind this was to divert the attention of French fashion and start with American designers during World War II
  • Out of 40 Fashion Weeks the 5 greatest Fashion Weeks are held in the fashion capital of the world namely- New York, Milan, London, Berlin and Paris. With Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, the International Circuit is start of by New York. There are about 100 official Fashion events.
  • Most of the Presidents and CEO’s of fashion industry are men. Surprisingly most of the employees at executive level are men as compare to women
  • An Italian fashion designer, Valentino Garavani, designed red dresses similar to that of Coco Chanel’s Little Black Dress. The red dresses designed by Valentino Garavani became so popular that they were nicknamed as ‘Valentino Red’
  • For over 7000 years, cotton fabric was used for clothing. 215 pair of jeans could be made from just 1 bale of cotton.
  • The canvas topped shoe was produced by U.S Rubber Company in 1917, which were usually called as Keds, and now are called as sneakers.
  • Doc Martens were first created from old tires.
  • Till 16th – 17th century both men and women used to wear skirts. In fact skirts are one of the oldest garments with lion clothes preceding it.
  • Till 1500, the miniature dolls were used by fashion designers to display their cloths designs. The real human models came after 1853.
  • The 1st fake eyelashes was invented by D.W. Griffith, a silent Hollywood film Producer. The reason behind this invention was to enhance the eyelids of her actress’s. Those eyelids were made from real hairs.

5 Weird Clauses Of Bollywood Celebrities

Akshay Kumar:

Akshay is total fitness junkie and known for his work commitments. However, he also knows how to maintain work-life balance and hence, his clause with a ‘No Work on Sundays clause’.

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Akshay Kumar

Salman Khan:

Salman Khan has always worked in family films and hence, he is not a big fan of on-screen kissing. His contract clearly states that in addition to a new clause according to which, he won’t get slapped in his movies.

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Salman Khan

Kareena Kapoor Khan:

Kareena is very specific of her co-actors in the projects she takes up. Her contract states that she won’t with any B-Grade actor and wants to work only with A-listers.

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kareena kapoor khan

Amir Khan:

Amir is a particular of his contract as he’s of his acting. According to reports, Amir’s contract prohibits any director to take a low angle shots of the actor.

modelling agencies mumbai
Amir Khan

Sonakshi Sinha:

This Bollywood actress also says a strict no to kissing scenes and intimacy on the screen because she is uncomfortable with those sort of scenes.

modelling agencies mumbai
Sonakshi sinha

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6 Hairstyles You can do in just 10 seconds

hairstyle cover modelling agencies mumbai

1. The Modern Messy Bun: 

This off duty ballerina bun will make you look effortlessly polished.

Modern Messy Bun modelling agencies mumbai

Step 1

Pull hair into a high pony and lock down any flyways with an elastic headband laid about an inch from your hairline. “If your hair looks a little greasy, spray TRESemme Fresh Start Volumizing Dry Shampoo right at the roots first,” suggests Peña.

Modern messy bun modelling agencies mumbai

Step 2

Wrap the length of your pony into a bun, twisting as you go, and secure with an elastic band or bobby pins.

Modern messy bun modelling agencies mumbai

Step 3

Use a pencil or the end of a tail comb to evenly lift the section of hair between the headband and your bun for volume.

modern messy bun modelling agencies mumbai

2.  The Mega-Volume Double Pony

With volume and extra length, you’ll never look at a pony the same way again

Mega-Volume Double Pony modelling agencies mumbai

Step 1

Pull the hair above your ears into a half-up half-down pony, leaving the hair beneath your ears loose. “Use a boar bristle brush to sweep hair into the top pony to create smooth lines and no bubbles on the sides,” says Peña.

Mega-Volume Double Pony modelling agencies mumbai

Step 2

Pull the remaining hair into a pony right beneath the first one.

Mega-Volume Double Pony modelling agencies mumbai

Step 3

Tease the top ponytail using a comb to create fullness. “As a finishing touch, if hair needs polishing, apply a small drop of  TRESemme Smooth & Silky No Frizz Shine Spray; through the length of both ponytails,” says Peña.

Mega-Volume Double Pony modelling agencies mumbai

3. The Twist-and-Pin

Give your down ‘do an easy upgrade.

The Twist-and-Pin  modelling agencies mumbai

Step 1

Section out a small one-inch piece of hair from one side and twist it away from your face. “If your hair is on the finer side, tease the section slightly, twist hair and then spray TRESemme Keratin Smooth Frizz-Free Hold Hairspray  to keep the style in place,” explains Peña.

the twist and pin  modelling agencies mumbai

Step 2

Secure the section with a bobby pin placed at a diagonal. Then place a second pin criss-crossed over the first to create an X-shape. “I like to show the pins—not hide them—so that they’re an accessory,” says Peña

the twist and pin  modelling agencies mumbai

4.  The Grown Up Half Up-Half-Down

Repurpose last night’s texture with an easy out-of-your-face style

half up half down modelling agencies mumbai

Step 1

Pull hair into a half-up half-down style, leaving a few face-framing pieces out, and secure with clear or hair-colored elastic. Next, take hold of the bottom part of the pony. “This style is perfect for when you have some wave and movement to the hair”.

half up half down modelling agencies mumbai

Step 2

With your finger, create a little hole above the elastic and loop the pony through it.

half up half down modelling agencies mumbai

5. The Reversed French Twist Pony

This hybrid of a low pony and modern chignon looks instantly polished.

French twist pony modelling agencies mumbai

Step 1

Brush hair back into a low pony just above the nape of your neck. “To get more body, split your hair into two and braid two loose pigtails before bed so that the hair isn’t too straight and work in TRESemme Extra-Firm Control Mousse, says Pea.

French twist pony modelling agencies mumbai

Step 2

Twist the ponytail into a chignon, and use your other hand to pin with several bobby pins (place one every half inch)

French twist pony modelling agencies mumbai

6.  The Knotted Low Bun

Show off an unexpected twist with this no-nonsense braided bun.

knotted low bun  modelling agencies mumbai

Step 1

Pull hair into a low ponytail, then loosely braid the length of hair and secure with a clear elastic

knotted low bun modelling agencies mumbai

Step 2

Wrap the braid around the base of the ponytail like you would a bun, tucking in the loose ends of hair with bobby pins. “Lock in the style and keep flyways in place with a soft hold hairspray,” says Peña, who swears by TRESemme Ultra Fine Mist Hairspray.

knotted low bun modelling agencies mumbai

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5 Completely Bizarre Fashion Trends

Gluing A Uni-brow On Your Head


In ancient Greece, there was nothing more unattractive than a woman with two clearly separated eyebrows on her head. If a woman wanted to show complexity and beauty, she needed a long, black, caterpillar-like line of hair widening across her brow.

According to early Greeks, unibrows were the sexiest decoration that a woman could attire. Women wiped black powder on the hair between their eyebrows to make it stand out and look as full as possible.

If a girl was unsuccessful enough to be born without any hair between her eyes, she would make do. Some would rub black dust between their brows. Others coloured goat hair black, wiped some tree resin on the back, and attached it to their heads.

0.6 Meters (2 Ft) Tall High Heels


In the mid Ages, Florence was the style capital of the world. There, the ladies pulled out every stop to make sure that they looked good. No trend, however, compared to the self-respect and beauty of wearing chopines, platform shoes with huge wooden heels that were occasionally more than 0.6 meters (2 ft) tall.

The appearance became so popular that it spread to men, too. Since people were basically walking on stilts, getting around was pretty hard. But Florence’s fashionistas made do by hobbling with canes.

Most people outside of Florence thought that the look was bizarre. Some even named it “sinfully vain.” The church, though, begrudgingly accepted it. At the very least, they accepted that wearing chopines kept women from dancing—and that, after all, was the worst sin of all.

Dropping Poison In Your Eyes


Nightshade is one of the most poisonous plants in the world. If you drop a little of its poison into someone’s drink, you can send them directly into a coma. If you add a little further, you can kill them. In Renaissance Italy, though, women poured it straight into their eyes.

The Italians called it belladonna (“the beautiful lady”) because a drop of poison in your eyes would widen your pupils, making it look like you were permanently awakened.

It also blurred your vision and faster your heart rate. If you used too much of it, you can go blind. Still, that was a small price to pay to look good.

Socks With Sandals


Ancient Rome brought us the most bizarre fashion of all: socks with sandals. Despite the prohibitions of modern life, our earlier families went out confidently and proudly wearing open-toe sandals with socks under.

This isn’t something we learned easily. It took ages of work by many teams of archaeologists and historians, all dedicated toward finally determining the kind of footwear combinations that the Romans used. Now we finally have “unequivocal evidence” that they wore socks under their sandals.

The socks were spun from wool and went all the way up to the lap. Then the Romans would combine the look with open-toe sandals. Apparently, wearing sandals without socks is a comparatively new miracle.

Blackening Your Teeth


Recently, women in Japan took dentistry in a different way. They decided that tooth decay is one of the best looks out there. So if a woman’s teeth weren’t dropping out on their own, she’d paint them black.

Japanese women have been blackening their teeth for so long that we aren’t sure when or why they started doing it. At the very least, by about AD 900, women were painting their teeth black. Shortly after, men started doing it, too.

The Japanese mixed hot water, sake, and red-hot iron in a pot and let it sit for five days. A black sum would rise to the top, which they would pickle off and scrub on their teeth.

Top seven all time Swimsuit models

1.Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks is the leading international fashion model and the first black women on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model. apart from Swimsuit model she is also a television personality, producer, actress, businesswomen, and occasional singer.

modelling agencies mumbai
Tyra Banks
  1. Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum is a German-American supermodel, actress, fashion designer, and singer.  She has been featured in number of magazines and TV commercials. In 1999 she became first German women to become a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

modelling agencies mumbai
Heidi Klum
  1. Irina Shayk

Irina Shayk is a Russian Model. She received International recognition in 2017 after becoming exclusive contracted face Intimissimi Lingerie and made her first appearance In Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

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Irina Shayk
  1. Marisa Miller

Marisa Miller is an American model. Miller has appeared in every issue of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition since 2002. She was discovered at the age of 16 in San Francisco by two Italian model agents. She ranked first in Maxim magazine in “Hot 100” list.

modeling agencies mumbai
Marisa Miller
  1. Kim Alexis

Alexis was one of the top models in 1980’s and later became a health nut, running marathons and hosting health shows on Lifetime and the Health Network.

modelling agencies mumbai
Kim Alexis
  1. Paulina Porizkova

Paulina Porizkova, a Czech model, became the first woman from central Europe to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Paulina was the second woman who featured swimsuit issue’s front cover consecutive times (1984 and 1985).

modelling agencies mumbai
Paulina Porizkova
  1. Veronika Varekova

Varekova has appeared in the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated a total of eight times: 1999-2002 and 2004-2007. She also appeared on cover in 2004.

modelling agencies mumbai
Veronika Varekova

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