5 Instagram accounts You need to follow for fashion inspiration

fashion Instagram accounts

Keeping up with changing trends is tall order in our world of digital frenzy! The information overload can particularly be overwhelming for brides planning out their big days or bridesmaids trying to plan their wardrobes for the wedding season. Luckily, Instagram can play fairy godmother. With accounts solely dedicated to Indian fashion and wedding inspiration, winning ideas are just a click away. We round up the accounts to double tap right now.

Wed Me Good 

best Instagram accounts for modelling tips

Wed Me Good is a wedding planning app that helps you plan all those wedding deets under one roof-right from décor and outfits to mehendi and jewellery. They even arrange for self make-up classes for brides to be. If you’re looking for a one stop shop, this is a resource to glue into. Another reason to follow them on Instagram is for inspiration from couples who’ve done it before.


instagram fashion accounts

Bridelan is a boutique styling company and a luxury wedding consultancy that personalises and shop your trousseau for you. Their Instagram account is a visual feast of jewellery and accessory ideas. We also love their cheery, cheeky quotes to keep those cute feels in the midst of the wedding planning madness!

House of Misu

famous instagram accounts

House of Misu by Mitali Sagar and Summiyya Patni is a great follow for cheery and fresh styling inspiration from florals for the wedding to silver, pearl and even geometric jewellery stacking tips. Elegant and fuss-free are two words we’d use to describe their style, so for that bride losing patience over ornate embellishments, hold your horses, House of Misu is here  to your rescue!

The Crimson Bride 

best instagram accounts

The Crimson Bride draws inspiration from the little things — hanging bulbs and tassel knots to marigolds and tiered terraces — all of which lift up that decor, dress or photograph by a notch! This is a must follow for the do-it-yourself, funky bride willing to experiment with the small and beautiful.

Shereen Lovebug

best model accounts on instagram

One third of the Love And Other Bugs trio, Shereen’s style is all about adding a generous dose of edge to Indian wear. From scouting the coolest upcoming designers to wearing designer biggies with a twist, there is plenty of alternative styling inspiration at your disposal on her Instagram account!

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Tips to make your Modelling Portfolio awesome!!!


  • Know your type

Modelling industry is divided into several categories. First of all you need to determine what kind of model you are because this decision is going to impact your future success.

  • Photographer selection

Clicking images for portfolio requires different bag of talent as compared to the images of static objects or landscape. Best way to select professional photographer for portfolio is to search on Google about “modeling portfolio services”. Professional photographer can assist you by delivering useful tips that will contribute for your success.

  • Theme

Different projects have different requirements. So shot selection and theme in any portfolio is as important as your posture. Portfolio should include shots like a candid shot, beauty shot, a full length body shot, editorial fashion shot, a commercial shot and if required a swimsuit or bikini shot.

  • Stylist and Makeup artist:

Portfolio is like resume for any model. So do good research about the stylist and makeup artist as he is going to make your appearance to look fresh and rejuvenated. Based on the theme, the makeup artist and stylist will align your looks.

  • Include details:

Your portfolio should include other important statistics like height, weight, hair color, eye color which are going to increase the chances of selection. Always start and end your portfolios shots with the best photos you have. Include your as well as your agencies contact details for getting faster result.

Remember that the photos of portfolio are going to be the most important photos of your modeling career.

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Misconceptions about models!!!

  • Easy life: Don’t underestimate life of a model. It is not easy to be a supermodel. Go sees, casting, shooting, fitting, etc. It’s very hard and tiring as the models has to do photo-shoots for long hours and have to walk on slippery runways with their small shoes. The schedules of models are very tight as they have to travel a lot to different places for fashion week. So it is clear that if you want to become a model than your life is not going to be too easy.


  • Paid a lot: Yes they are paid, but not at the beginning. At the commencement of career they hardly get anything for their runway or editorial jobs. In fact some of them don’t even get paid for their modeling. But in this phase they need to make connections with important people as connection is the way to become a super-model. And once you are a super-model you will be booked for jobs that are paid a lot.

paid a lot modelling agency mumbai

  • Eat very less: Most of the models are addicted to eating disorder. Not all, but most of them are addicted. Many of the models are naturally thin to begin with this career and some surely follow diet to remain thin for modeling. As they are addicted to fast food like cheesy pizzas, burgers, etc. some of them take drugs to maintain their size.

Eat very less modelling agency mumai

  • Beautiful and flawless: Not necessarily they need to be beautiful. Some of them are not even attractive. The thing is they just have to fit in their particular role of modeling. Uniqueness is the most important thing which is required in this industry.

beautiful and flawless modelling agency mumbai


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Important modeling tips that you should know to become a successful model

modelling tips

Modeling is not just about being tall and beautiful. It is much more than that which includes talent, uniqueness, and knowledge to back up the beauty.

These modeling tips will serve you as a great guide to get into fashion industry

  • Get into an agency: Getting into a modeling agency is the very first step. There are various modeling agencies available in cities. Choose the right one as it is going to affect the future career.
  • Know your market: In this industry there are various markets to choose from according to your personality so that you can fit in particular market. The primary markets are as follows:
  • Editorial model: The one who come on high fashion magazine to promote a brand.
  • Runaway model: The one who do catwalks in fashion shows.
  • Fitness model: The one who are fit which are going to endorse fitness and sports related brands.
  • Plus size model: the one who are overweight and are generally known as “full figured model”.
  • Enhance your modeling skills: Skills should be upgraded in any form of career. And modeling is a field in which regular upgrade is required. Enhance your modeling skills by joining a good class. By joining such classes you will also develop your self-confidence and will be comfortable in various aspects of business
  • Get a good portfolio: Modeling is not just of being beautiful. At initial stage good natural looking snaps are needed. The model should be enthusiastic of being clicked. He/she must have good eye contact and should love dressing up and posing.
  • Be prepared for model life: After getting into modeling be prepared for its lifestyle. You will need to travel a lot, maintained diet, late night parties are all the things you will be going from. Be prepared for rejections too. To achieve success you will have to struggle at the beginning but at the end success will matter for a good model.

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Top 10 Indian Models All Time

Modeling nowadays is not just about representing designers’ collections and accessories. Today’s models conquer the world with their creativity, unusual and unconventional looks, lifestyles etc., making new statements.
Undoubtedly, besides very interesting and unusual culture, India is hugely famous for its modeling world. Magnificent thick hair, big expressive eyes, curvaceous figures… And it’s not only these qualities that make Indian models stand out from the others.
We already know such successful models as Lara Dutt, Bipasha Basu, Aishwarya Rai, who have become famous celebrities and actresses after their first career in modeling.
But there are a lot more of unbelievably hot beauties you need to know about. Check out these top 10 Indian models who successfully transformed the understanding of the Indian fashion world.

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Jockey Katelyn Mallyon Left Modelling Career

top modelling agencies in india

A jockey who turned down a modelling contract in New York to pursue a racing career is hoping to become the youngest ever woman to win the Melbourne Cup on Tuesday.
Katelyn Mallyon swapped the runway for the racecourse and now wants to follow in the bootstraps of Michelle Payne, who overcame 154 years of male-dominated odds.

modelling agency in mumbai
The 22-year-old jockey draws a lot of inspiration from the woman, almost a decade her senior, who rode Prince of Penzance to glory in 2015.

indian top modelling agency
Her grandfather Mick Mallyon, a champion jockey who won three Caulfield Cups in 1960s and 1970s, said he feared his granddaughter would never race again.
However, it was her mother Mary who helped Katelyn Mallyon seize opportunities in the male-dominated racing industry.

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Top 5 style icons of Bollywood Celebrities

Sonam Kapoor 

modelling agencies mumbai

Sonam Kapoor is the quintessentially style icon of Bollywood with her rich taste and sharp style of dressing.

Deepika Padukone


Deepika Padukone posses a personality to carry off everything she wears. Her style shouts out class.

Anushka Sharma

modelling agencies in pune

Anushka Sharma is the bold diva who experiments with her looks and style. We have seen her don different looks almost every year.

Kangana Ranaut

modelling agencies in mumbai

From old school Hollywood glamour with the 50’s inspired black dress to the girl next door, you will find Kangana Ranaut in all avatars.

Kareena Kapoor 

modelling agencies mumbai

Eyes follow Kareena Kapoor Khan wherever she goes. No wonder she is always prim and proper.

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Modelling Photo Shoot Tips

We are from Modelling Industry we have 15 years of experience in Fashion and Modelling field. we have done modelling portfolio services hence we are sharing some modelling photo shoot tips for you. basically your experssion is key to play good role for modelling photo shoot.

For more detail please check above video.

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Top Modelling Agencies in Mumbai

As we know modelling is a work of fashion model. Modelling agencies are like they are just representing fashion models to work with fashion media. these industry are working through commission platforms. Most of the top modelling agencies have great contacts with Bollywood and Hollywood Films Industry.

We are sharing the following top modelling agencies in Mumbai.

1) Modelling Mumbai :-Modelling Mumbai is the one of the best International and foreign models agency in Mumbai. This agency had started before 15 year ago. It is a very old modelling agency in Mumbai.

modelling agencies in mumbai

website url:- www.modellingmumbai.com

Office Location:- F – 7, 1st Floor (Nano Wing) Fantasia Business Park, Vashi, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

2) Dream Cast:-

Dream cast modelling ageency based in kolkata and pune. they have some contacts with Modelling agencies in Mumbai.

modelling agencies in mumbai

website url :- http://dreeamcast.com/

Office Location:-

Dreeamcast Entertainment

New no 24, Old no 28,Krishnaswamy Avenue, Mylapore, Chennai-600 004

3) Karma Model Mumbai :- karma model is leading model management agency in Mumbai and Delhi. It is an Internation modelling agencies based in Delhi.

top modelling agencies in mumbai

Office Address:- F -1142, 3rd Floor,C.R. Park, New Delhi – 110019.India.

4) 6thavenue Modeling Agency:-  This modelling agency was established in 2008, it is very young modelling agency in Mumbai and Delhi. The main office based in Delhi Location.

best modelling agency in mumbai

Office Address:- 6TH AVENUE, M-28, BASEMENT,KALKAJI, Delhi.

5) Glamourhunt :- It is a kids, children’s modelling agencies in Mumbai, they are also specialized in Modelling porfolio services.

modelling agencies in mumbai


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Awesome Nail Paint Tips for Modelling

We are sharing some awesome nail paints tips for modelling

  1. Use ice water to dry your nails in three minutes.

nail paint tips for modelling

2. Fix a broken nail using a teabag and nail glue.

instant nail paint tips

3. Use free your nail polish in less than 3 minutes by using cotton ball or paper.

nail paint tips

4. Fix some beautiful dotts on your nail to look wonderfull.

nail paint tips

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