February 21, 2024
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Some Easy Nail Art Designs

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Nail art is a unique way to portray your creativity. Women, especially, make the most of this trend and try to stay in tune with the happenings of the outside world. They pronounce their preferences and their choices related to different topics, without even saying anything. For instance, FIFA world cup frenzy has caught on and we can see many women sporting the colours of their favourite team, not only on clothes but also in the form of nail art. What better way to do that? You absolutely love your nails, show your creativity and also end up promoting your favourite team.Nail art is often treated as a high maintenance trend. Well, you definitely need to be careful and take proper care of your nails, but you could create really catchy nail arts by using simple items from your house, like seeing thread, kitchen sponge, Scotch tape etc. Let us see some such easy nail arts that are sure to gather more women and convince them of at least trying out nail art.

  1. Negative space stripes, using sticky tape – cut a strip of sticky tape into thin pieces and paste them horizontally onto the nail. Then apply your favourite nail polish. Remove the tape carefully.
  2. Triangle negative space, using sticky tape – this time you need to cut triangular shapes from the sticky tape strip. Place it on your nail after coating it with some gilletry nail polish. Then apply solid colour polish on top. When you remove the tape, the nice sparkle will peek through it, giving it a really edgy look.
  3. Water ripples, with batch puff or fruit mesh bag – apply nail polish on your nail. Place the patch of batch puff or fruit mesh bag and then apply another nail polish colour with the help of sponge. Then remove the mesh and see the unique pattern turn out beautifully on your nail.
  4. Fruity kitten, with sponge – apply beige polish in a doughnut shape and then fill the middle part with white colour nail polish. Gently roll the sponge on to the nail. Before drawing a kitten face, apply a transparent top coat. Then use black nail polish and draw the kitten face with the help of a toothpick. Dot the eyes, connect the mouth to the small nose. Draw small ears at the top and add whiskers to complete the face.
  5. Quick marble, with plastic wrap – crush a piece of plastic wrap into a loose ball. Draw a few dots of different colour nail polish on a surface, then dab the plastic wrap on to that surface. Then dab it on the nail.
  6. Chevron tape, with sandwich bag – apply nail polish on a sandwich bag and allow it to dry. Peel it off when it’s dry. This serves as a DIY nail polish sheet. Cut off the edges and then cut different widths into a Chevron shape. Apply a top coat and place the tape, cut it to the size of the nail by trimming the edges. You can place two sections with one wider than the other to get the maximum effect.
  7. Water waves, with craft scissors – make nail polish sheets as done in the previous design and cut section of it with the help of craft scissors. Apply nail polish and place the wavy strips on to the nail. Trim it along the edges.
  8. Layered flowers, with craft punches – again use the DIY nail polish sheets of different colours and punch flower patterns using the craft punch. Apply nail polish and then place these cut outs on the nail. Carefully cut the excess.
  9. Latte art, with toothpick – apply a decent amount of nail polish by not too much as to let it overflow. Place a few drops of a different polish. Drag to create random designs using a toothpick.
  10. Cloudy gradient, with cotton tips – dip the cotton tips into water to mark them damp and it will also prevent loose cotton strands, if any, from getting stuck on the nail. Dip them into nail polish and apply it onto the nail. Depending on the choice of colours, you could create a marble stone design or a cloudy gradient design.
  11. Delicate heart pattern – start off with a base colour. Use a toothpick or a dotting tool, if you have, and dip it into white colour or any contrasting colour that you want and make small hearts on the nail. Lastly add a transparent top coat.
  12. Candy stripes, using sticky tape – cut the tape into small strips. Place the strips diagonally onto the nail. Apply nail polish on top and carefully remove the tape. You could make it more colourful by filling in the gaps with a different colour.
  13. Starry night, with a kitchen sponge – cut a small section of the kitchen sponge and dip it in water to make it soft. Make sure to remove the excess water, though. Apply dark blue and purple polish onto the kitchen sponge and gently dab onto the nail. Apply a top coat to smoothen the surface. Draw some stars in white colour with a toothpick to complete the design.
  14. Princess crown, using tape and toothpick – cut the sticky tape into a strip and make two small triangles out of it. Take a separate strip and place it horizontally at the top edge of the nail. Place the triangular strips with their tip pointing up. Keep in mind not to place the two triangles over each other. You need to keep some distance between them to form the crown pattern. Apply glittery silver nail polish on top and remove the tape. Finish off with small dots on the upper corners of the crown. Then apply top coat.
  15. Pink leopard, with Bobby pins – draw some messy dots, using a nail polish brush, in pink colour over a white coloured base coat. Dip the bobby pin into a dark coloured nail polish and draw smaller dots around the messy dots. Finish off with a top coat.


These are some of the designs that you can easily do at your home using simple household items. They are really attractive, less time consuming and unique. So, go ahead and put your nails out.