International modelling assignments are a delight for every model. …. travelling to New York or Las Vegas. Fame is addictive they say.  Modelling in foreign countries is perceived by many a model. High-end names and designers have made this possible.

What does it take to be an international model?

  • Men roughly need to be  6′ to 6’2″ and females,5’8″ to 5’11” for runway modelling .  Short or overweight persons may not be able to fit the bill.
  •  International models require unique looks unlike an ordinary model’s features, skin, eyes or lips…international models ought to stand a class apart.
  • Travelling internationally means an effective portfolio. Foreign agencies would only like to hire models that can make them earn BIG BUCKS!
  • International models should fit the product’s  Placement agencies have established relationships with international agencies in cities around the world. A screen test and the company finalises the model and their pay. If you are a beginner…or modelling for the first time, you could get around $100 – $ 200 after a while, maybe…$800-$1000 for ramp shows.
  • The Internet is a great way to gain experience, exposure & connections in the modelling world. The average salary of a Model in New York City, NY is $39,639.… 52.5% lower than the national median salary of $83,399.Supermodel Gisele Bundchen and Naomi Campbell earn around $30 million per assignment
  • So if you are a model, thinking of going international…think Flexibility. You need a valid passport… a love for adventure.

    Aspiring models need the grit to hit big-time for lots of experience, friends, money and memories to bring back home.

    In return, by way of souvenirs.. international models can expect to travel the world, make new friends, sample truly exotic sights, sounds and flavours from around the globe and enjoy life as true world citizens.

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plus size models in mumbai

People on the chubbier side and modelling seem to be contradictory terms.

Traditionally clothes were designed slim fit. Modelling was for the sleek and the trim. This was quite disheartening for obese people.

Not any more, with brands dedicated to Plus sized people entering the market and size zero turning to be a bad word, it’s party time for plus sized models.

Plus-size model is term applied to an individual of average to larger stature. Designers have recognised & created the fashion line which is smart, glamorous and customizable for the plus sized.

Ethically-made pieces have raised their hopes. Films like ‘Dum lagake haisha ‘have proven that obese people can be fashionable.

Marathi films like Vajandaar showed the lead actresses to be overweight .The film has inspired many people of the same stature to experiment. Films have given a break to plus sized models like’ Bodyguard’.

Recently films like ‘Sultan’ and ‘Dangal’ have featured plus sized models. These films are based on the lives  of wrestlers. Plus sized models have shed their inhibitions after watching them.

Models like Ashley Graham have been an inspiration in the plus size model world.

Olivia Campbell has an enormous fan following.

Dishamber Das is also an inspiring. These models have proven that it’s their attitude that counts. Glam magazines like Vogue have given plus sized models good instagrams.

Documentaries have been made with plus sized models..thus proving that there’s room for all in the house.

Jean-Paul Gaultier &  John Galliano both used plus-size models in their Spring 2006 showings in Paris.

U.S. television program America’s Next Top Model has featured contestants  acknowledging the plus-size industry’s relevance to fashion since the show’s launch in 2003.Plus Model Magazine, an online publication was launched for plus sized models.

Certain agencies, like ours, have started using social networking sites like Facebook to advertise opportunities for plus size modelling.

Thankfully what Yves Saint Laurent did for style, or Irving Penn for imagery is incredible for the self esteem of plus sized models.


how to become a model

Have you ever looked in the mirror and said…”Hey, what am I doing…working from 9am to 6 pm…when I could be the next face of a magazine cover “.Well why not?  Or you may have a passion to be a super model..

Intellectuals say  it’s not impossible.Why?…because modelling is a career which isn’t restricted to only those who  haven’t good grades in school.There was a time when becoming a model was considered a taboo but that’s old school now!If you have the attitude to make it big…then you’ve made your start.

Well here are some useful tips for mastering the basics of modelling.

  1. Maintainence of body, including skin and hair–A healthy skin can be obtained by cleansing and moisturizing.A good exfoliator can make all the difference.Models need to have a well toned body and hair.After all health is important too.
  2. Make up– Knowledge is learn the basics of make up & hair styling.
  3. Camera candid–Be camera friendly not conscious.Learn to pose well before the lens.
  4. Study the industry–Whatever be your vital statistics.. know the types of modeling that suit your body type and decide your potential accordingly.
  5. Portfolio –A professional looking portfolio can make quite a difference.Get a good photographer to do your pictures…After all first impressions matter.
  6. Self study–Know your body measurements, including hip, waist, and chest size….important bit of information actually!
  7. Be naive– Avoid common scams…You don’t need to be in the limelight for the wrong reasons.
  8. Be worldy wise–Researching information on agencies and talking to experienced models and those in the business(for advice)would definitely help. Life isn’t a bed of roses…so also for modelling . The modeling world is jam-packed with pretty faces. Good looks aren’t the only guarantee to be a successful model. In the modeling business you  need to fit a specific role or  look for that perfect break.

Modeling is a combination of beauty with brains… and brawns for men! The modelling world is very competitive. Success  can be achieved with patience and perseverance..So remember. the quote” In modelling, you are creating a dream, a still life, perhaps something like a silent film. You convey emotions  using your body….”, could be useful if you have a  burning desire for modelling.

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Best 5 modelling poses for photo shoot

This post will come in handy not only for photographers looking for inspiration, but also all the ladies out there who want to look great in every shot. Here are some of the best poses which highlight your best features and hide even the most obvious imperfections. You’ll be a supermodel in no time.
1) This is simply a great angle which always make you look slimmer. The model faces the camera side-on, with her chin pushed down and her shoulders slightly raised.

indian modelling agencies

2) Often, the most straightforward poses turn out to be the best ones. Here, the model should put her body weight all on one leg, bending her overall stance slightly so that her silhouette is ’s-shaped’.

modelling agencies in mumbai

3) If the model has long hair, definitly try to take an ’action shot’ of her while she is moving. A good way to do this is to have her turn her head sharply.

modelling agencies in mumbai

4) This is a great pose for when the model is sitting on a sofa.

modelling agencies in mumbai

5) It’s believed that folded arms and legs create psychological barrier between people, and therefore is not recommended for photographs. However, it’s worth trying a shot where the model has her arms folded across her chest.

modelling agencies in mumbai

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Need for modelling portfolio

model portfolio in mumbai

Many times we see people asking us that do they need a Portfolio to register weather. To answer this question let us first try to explain what do we mean by a Portfolio.  A Portfolio comprises of images,  photograph,  videos  or any other work samples that showcase your skills,  training,  facial features,  body image  and  versatility. In short  a modelling portfolio tries to showcase your talent,  beauty and suitability for a specific assignment.

Now that you understand what comprises of portfolio, you can also imagine that having a suitable portfolio can make or break  your chances for a modelling assignment. Your modelling portfolio shows the casting team how good you look  and how suitable you are to the assignment that they have. This is the very reason that we tell prospective models and actors  that having a good professionally done modelling portfolio is worth the investment.

Having a portfolio that showcases you in different attire and different looks also gives you an advantage in the future. This is because the modelling agency or casting director maybe looking for a specific character today,  in which you may or may not fit. But  if your portfolio reflects different looks,  then chances are that the modelling or agency casting director may find a space for you in the future assignments, by looking at the various different photograph /  looks in the portfolio.

Your photograph or portfolio create the first  impression.  To move forward for selection,  you will definitely need to pass  this test. Hence it’ll always advisable,  that you get the best portfolio done and with the maximum variations and looks  that you can afford.

We always  advise people to get the  portfolio done in different different attires and with  varying  looks. If you need any other advice then do feel free to call or email us @ modelling agencies in mumbai



Modelling and It’s Types

modelling and it's types

so you think you have the looks the attitude and the personality to become a model, but do you know what kind of a model you want to become ?

Modelling is of various types so let’s talk about different kinds of modelling options.

Let’s start with one of the most exclusive modelling options and that is fashion modelling.
Fashion : This is done usually to promote garments and accessories. Fashion models are usually tall, beautiful and have unique striking features. To become a fashion model you need to be at least 5 feet 8 inches tall (for Indian females). This is also called as the cream of modelling. You will face a lot of competition and need to be the best to succeed in this.

Railway : Ths is also called as ramp walk or fashion show modelling. For this also you have to have a minimum height of 5 feet 8 inches for females and 5 feet 11 inches for males. This kind of modelling is done on elevated runways or ramps. It is usually done to showcase garment and accessories styles.

Catalogue : This is done as a part of print catalogues and now days for E commerce marketplaces. This is usually used to showcase clothes accessories like jewellery and footwear. One good thing about this form of modelling is that there are no height restrictions.

Editorial : Today there are a number of fashion magazines like cosmopolitan, Elite Femina and other, which use models to showcase current styles trends another influences. The Model photograph usually a company related articles.

Reference : In reference modelling, models are used to check how the clothes look on the model. Designers and fashion houses, use reference modelling to check the end result off the clothes design.

Events : This is a part of Live modelling, where in models are used to promote products and services categories like cosmetics, automobiles and hair products. Such modelling is often done at exhibition and trade fairs.

Each and every type of modelling described above needs a different personality and physical attribute. It is very rare that a single model can do all all the forms of modelling. So before leaping into the field of modelling, just check out which type of modelling suits you and plan accordingly.

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Highly Stylish Fashion Tips 2017

It is rightly said that fashion is all about dressing according to what’s fashionable. A fashionista is always up in the hunt for what’s new and is always ready to try what we call as ‘fashion dares or risks’. And this trait simply makes them ultra-stylish.To help, we have compiled few fashion tips for women on how to look fashionable, especially for ultra-stylish girls.

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How to take care of lips naturally

Soft and pink lips is a sign of good health. Also it is every girl’s dream. But sometimes bad weather tend to take a toll on your lips, making it look dry and unhealthy. Not only that, the habit of smoking, consuming alcohol and trying on different cosmetics also leaves them chapped, dark and dry. Later, this brings an impact to your self esteem, making the whole situation look like an unending dilemma. Fortunately, we have the answer to you question “How to keep Lips Healthy?” – you can achieve the luscious lips you have always wanted to have with the tips and home remedies we are about to recommend you.

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How to do eye makeup with glasses

Hey glasses girl, did you know there are some simple tricks you can learn to perfect your under-eyewear makeup technique? Despite what you might think about the magnifying power of your specs, you’ll actually need to wear more eye makeup than you normally would to make your eyes pop. That being said, you still want your look to be super clean and fresh, since glasses do draw attention to your eyes. Check out our top tips for a frame-friendly face.

When it comes to shadow, the lighter and more neutral the color on the lid, the better. You can’t go wrong with a selection from the Colour Riche Eye Shadows (we love the Army Brat palette!), which combines 4 pre-selected shadows that work together seamlessly. Blend slightly darker, warm hues into and above the crease, and dab a shimmery illuminator, like Magic Lumi Highlighter, on the brow bone and inner eye corner to open up the area.

Watch above video you will get the proper tips makeup tips for eyeglass wearers.

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Modeling Posing Tips For Beginners Model

Becoming a successful model takes a lot more than just sitting pretty. Whether you are working with photographers or walking the catwalk, you will need to know the key to model posing if you want to boost your chances of a profitable career.

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