February 21, 2024
modelling and it's types

Modelling and It’s Types

modelling and it's types

so you think you have the looks the attitude and the personality to become a model, but do you know what kind of a model you want to become ?

Modelling is of various types so let’s talk about different kinds of modelling options.

Let’s start with one of the most exclusive modelling options and that is fashion modelling.
Fashion : This is done usually to promote garments and accessories. Fashion models are usually tall, beautiful and have unique striking features. To become a fashion model you need to be at least 5 feet 8 inches tall (for Indian females). This is also called as the cream of modelling. You will face a lot of competition and need to be the best to succeed in this.

Railway : Ths is also called as ramp walk or fashion show modelling. For this also you have to have a minimum height of 5 feet 8 inches for females and 5 feet 11 inches for males. This kind of modelling is done on elevated runways or ramps. It is usually done to showcase garment and accessories styles.

Catalogue : This is done as a part of print catalogues and now days for E commerce marketplaces. This is usually used to showcase clothes accessories like jewellery and footwear. One good thing about this form of modelling is that there are no height restrictions.

Editorial : Today there are a number of fashion magazines like cosmopolitan, Elite Femina and other, which use models to showcase current styles trends another influences. The Model photograph usually a company related articles.

Reference : In reference modelling, models are used to check how the clothes look on the model. Designers and fashion houses, use reference modelling to check the end result off the clothes design.

Events : This is a part of Live modelling, where in models are used to promote products and services categories like cosmetics, automobiles and hair products. Such modelling is often done at exhibition and trade fairs.

Each and every type of modelling described above needs a different personality and physical attribute. It is very rare that a single model can do all all the forms of modelling. So before leaping into the field of modelling, just check out which type of modelling suits you and plan accordingly.

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