February 21, 2024

Lipstick Options, other than Red and Pink

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Makeup is a woman’s best friend. It comes to the rescue of every woman providing complete transformation. Today’s world is a world of masks. Everybody is hiding behind masks, be it masks of lies, masks of dual personality or layers of makeup. This has led to the tremendous growth of makeup and fashion industry. With this there is a flood of options. We have infinite number of possibilities as far as getting on with makeup trends is considered.

Makeup has become an integral part of a woman’s daily life. In fact men’s grooming is not far behind, but not as consistent as women are. Grooming is the most desired element in today’s times. Being presentable, being attractive and being glamorous have now become the bare necessities.

Since the last three or four years, we are moving towards everything organic. The makeup industry is witnessing a shift towards organic products, be it organic makeup, organic diet or even organic clothing, showing a positive growth. Organic and natural is the way to go this season. Regarding makeup, particularly lipsticks, organic trends are showing effect in the choice of colours. Gone are the days of just pink and red with so many variants of our good old pink and red available in the market we have a slew of colours to choose from. The nude or beige colour emerged as the most popular choice. Nude colour also known as the natural shade is garnering so much attention because it is the shade closest to nature i.e. it gives a no makeup look. Nowadays, ‘no makeup’ look is the makeup look. Ironical, isn’t it? But the whole makeup industry is full of contradictory trends. So, nude lets us sport that no makeup look.

Coral – this one is an amalgam of pink and orange. This tangy colour is super glam. It goes well with fair to medium complexions. One of the best options for summers, this colour gives a cool and comforting look.

Aubergine – a colour lying in the darker spectrum of shades. This is a slightly gothic version of purple, having a tinge of black-brown along with purple. This goes well with all complexions, particularly dusky tones.

Berry – again a colour with a purple base. This fruity shade is a favourite for all seasons and goes well with all complexions. A favourite amongst middle aged women but has takers in every generation and every class. This one is one of the safest options out there for those who don’t want to go too bold or loud. It gives a subtle look which is appealing to a lot of women.

Orchid – inspired from the flower family of orchids. It is a bright hue of purple. This one is feminine and suitable for all seasons and age groups. It is also one of the most popular shades.

Metallic – with the rise of the party crowd makeup industry is moving towards metallic shades. Totally bold and glam choice, this one is not for the ones with a faint heart. Metallic hues guarantee immediate attention as they call for attention from the word go. This one is unique and outright bold and sexy. Dare to go beyond the ordinary and experience the richness of this new and exciting trend. There are metallic hues of blue, green and so many other colour variants that you can’t resist getting one for yourself.

Mulberry – this one is a representation of the mulberry jam. Although a deep shade with a mix of red and black, giving it a maroonish tint, it goes well with all skin tones and age groups.

Brown – this is a colour mostly popular with middle aged women in India. A favourite amongst dusky complexions, it is finding ground in the younger generation category as well.

Mocha – the coffee colour, as it is usually addressed, is a really effective colour for dusky skin tones to enhance their complexion. This has takers in the dark and gothic culture too. The rock and roll people also prefer shades of this particular colour to go with their spirit and attitude.

Midnight blue – it’s time to be brave and give this colour a try. With a touch of glitter, this works wonders. It is high time that we take a hint and move onto new and daring makeup trends. This is a sure shot way of keeping attention coming your way. Metallic shades are so hot in the times these days that even middle aged women and going for them.

Black – yes, darkest of them all, this colour has found its place in the colour palette of lipsticks as well. The ultimate goth chic looks perfect with black lipstick. This is way bolder than any of the other colour choices listed here. It can transform any plain Jane into a diva and more.

Neon – summers are here and to top it we have a whole range of pop, bright colours with a neon base to flaunt. After ruling the clothing industry, now Neons have entered into the lipstick arena and how; they are overpowering all the other colours. All the usual colours have been judged as being dull and same, whereas neon is touted to shine a bright light (literally) on the makeup scene. With such bright colours the summer season is going to get its touch of pop and emerge out a winner as far as colour varieties are considered.


These shades are only some of the options available in the market. With the advent of so many variations of a single colour, we have no dearth of ideas and combinations. Pink and red colours though very common are so passe. The newest trend on the block is to experiment with different shades available. People are going outside their comfort zone and getting the feel of the numerous other options available. One can never seize to buy a tempting shade in the market. This is what is leading to the growth of the makeup industry in leaps and bounds. Witnessing this change is a sign of evolution regarding makeup, of our choices and changing tastes of people.