February 21, 2024
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Latest in Head Fashion

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It’s summertime. The brutal heat is getting to you and the scorching sun is showing no mercy AT ALL. So, you decide to go on and purchase a hat or a cap for yourself. A decent looking one. You visit the nearby mall or maybe an online shopping website and you purchase it. Well, that’s what some people would do.

The other people, especially fashionistas, make such simple purchases a pretty big deal. To them, fashion trends are the biggest aspect that decides what they wear, even on a daily basis. No harm in looking the best in the room, right? If they were to purchase a hat, or any headgear, the very first thing they would do is browse through fashion blogs and magazines and see what the latest trends in head fashion are.

A lot of us love staying up with the latest trends in fashion, to not only look better but to also be up with all kinds of trends and not stay behind. Lately, headgear fashion trends have become a big thing because every part of our attire plays a key role in making us look good. So, if you are wondering what the latest trends in head fashion are, this blog is for you.

Latest Head Fashion Trends

At their most basic sense, any kind of headgear intend to protect your heads from harm. That’s it. But, through the years, these functional and day-to-day items, have evolved to become some of the most highly-coveted fashion accessories and wearables. More than that, headgears have now become fashion staples!

Want to hear a shocking statement? Headwear is said to be as 6 percent of the total $21 billion industry of apparels. And, it’s trending upwards as the days pass by. Thus, it is pretty clear now, that those who are involved in the business of decorated-apparel, like headgear, should stay up to date with the popular trends in this particular category, in order to reap richer benefits.

Hats are a great investment because they’ve become an integral part of one’s attire. You would want to choose something that isn’t restricted to a typical dress code, or something that won’t date. Something that will go with several outfits and would make you look perfect. Here are some of the trends you can keep an eye out for or tip your hat for (pun intended).

The Hottest Head Fashion Trends

Fashionistas, fasten your seat belts. We’re going to start off with the current hot fashion trends for headwear.

The latest trend that is creating waves in the head fashion segment, is the neon color. Neon colors are something a lot of us love, anything in neon instantly stands out from normality and attracts attention. Well, fashion is all about looking good and standing out amongst the crowd, right? The best way to do so, is infusing neon into your apparel. That is what the latest and hottest trend in headwear is, right now. Since the last year or so, neon colors, from greens and yellows to blues and pinks, are appearing on almost every style of hat, even the conventional trucker caps!

Another trend that is still going strong after so many years, is the camouflage. Who would’ve thought that a simple design intended to give soldiers a better defense in the battlefield, would become a trendsetting fashion design for both men and women. Newer patterns and colors of camo are introduced very frequently to give the traditional camouflage look a new spin and make it look trendier. Move over camo jeans, camo head gears are about to reign.

Various other trends for head gear consists of prints like snakeskins and plaids. Specialty materials are also in high demand as people want their headgears to not only appeal but to also stand out as novelty as well. Materials like wax-coated cotton canvas, cork, and chambray are selling like hot cakes, according to various fashion experts and designers.

Currently Trending Headgear Fashion

As of today, the traditional knit style trends are a classic choice among most people, when it comes to headwear, which is taking over a huge market share day by day. Though they are traditional, their increasing demand and the need for people to embrace the “old is gold” notion is going to make this trend evergreen. Sport-themed knits, slouchy, and oversized beanies are also popular choices when it comes to head wear.

Structured caps have also gained quite the attention because not only are they comfortable, but they’re also easier to print and embroidery, and they look the best during product presentations too. Take notes, designers.

Turbans and headwraps have also gained quite the popularity among the young fashionistas who believe in sporting newer looks. Hats that aren’t really hats, turbans have ruled the runways in many countries, where models have sported them with their attires to show that if you’re confident, you can pull off any look. Colorful, jewelry-laden turbans and headwraps are a great way for you to sport a new, sparkly, and a vibrant look to change the mood.

Berets are also in trend now, especially after they were reinvigorated by Maria Grazia Chiuri, Dior creative director, for the autumn and winter 2017 issues. These pancake-shaped hats not only look comfortable and sit pretty, they are comfortable FOR REAL. You can sport a beret with various attires, from something classy to something casual. Soon-to-be Duchess Meghan Markle was spotted recently, sporting a beret too. Inspired now?

The Local Preferences

There are hundreds of different trends in hundreds of different countries. You would think that there would be mass differences in the local choices in headgear, right? Surprisingly, manufacturers have been saying that there are not too many regional differences, when it comes to head fashion trends. For example, camouflage sells amazingly well in the Southern America region, where hunting is pretty common, but the print is similarly famous in a city like California as well. It is safe to say that camouflage has become a lifestyle, over the years.

Likewise, trucker caps with a mesh-back design fit incredibly well with the West Coast’s beach mentality as well as provides a highly-desired breathability to the Southerners. But, despite all this, decorated-apparel companies and business should take note of one major local difference. Retail and corporate buyers very often prefer headgears in the colors of their regional major-league or college sports teams.