February 21, 2024
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Importance of Body Language in Portfolios

Modelling agencies in mumbai

The modeling industry works around the importance of presentation. Presentation of your talent, your attitude, your versatility, your demeanour, your physical semblance and what not. For an industry entirely focused on such traits, it is absolutely essential to pay attention to these factors and groom yourself in order to be appreciated in the industry. Body language is one such major factor, a part of your physical appearance, that is critical in determining your chances as a model.

When people go for a job interview, they carry their resume with them. Portfolio plays the same role for models. It presents your personality on the whole in front of the interviewer. It lets them see who you are without having to indulge in a conversation. More importantly conversations might be called as a secondary requirement before signing a model as getting to see the suitability of the model in different scenarios plays a greater role for them. It’s all about visual appeal. Modeling has a lot to do with non verbal communication. And body language is a form of nonverbal communication as the models project certain emotions through their body language in the photographs. Different body languages signify different emotions. Even a small change in the body language can create wonders or have a totally different implication if not given proper attention. Not only portraying emotions but body language is concerned with giving out way more information like mood, purpose, level of confidence, health, an idea etc. These are traits identifiable with the body language. So, a modelling portfolio has to have the correct posture, the right body language regarding the kind of emotion or trait you want to portray. As we have come to understand the importance of a portfolio for a modeling career, we can now see that a portfolio has to present each and every trait that you have the ability to showcase. The versatility of a model is the USP in his/her career.

Body language needs to change, for a model, with every mood and concept that the model is involved with. A lot of it, though, has to do with how the makeup, clothes, the hair and the environment make the model feel about herself/himself. It’s also very much about just being in the moment and loving organically on camera. When there’s a lot of harsh lighting or shadows or it’s black and white or the clothes are very edgy and chic, then the mood is going to be totally different; it would be fun, bright, outdoorsy, poppy because both of these have totally different vibes. A lot of times the photographer directs everybody to move along whatever concept they have in mind. A model, however, should get to understand and observe how the light affects her face and how she looks in different kinds of setups to help her find her niche. It helps the model to portray the characteristic they associate themselves best with. It is highly essential to determine factors or situations which accentuate the model’s features, their strengths etc. It will allow the model to put together an attractive portfolio, which is visually appealing along with being versatile in nature and portrays the model’s strengths and talent in the correct way.

There could be some postures that are regarded as the right way to pose for a photograph. Let us see some of the ways which can help a model get better shots and stay ahead in his/her career.

  • Stay relaxed and natural – this is absolutely essential as being natural results in amazing photos. You tend to be comfortable this way and you don’t look freezed out or stiff or anything that seems like restricting your movement or posture.
  • Know your angles – this helps when you are figuring out different positions. You could enhance your best features and highlight them using if you pose at the right angle.
  • Keep hands delicate and eyes strong. Don’t use your hands to cover your face. Your face is supposed to be the focal point of the picture, so do not obstruct it. Moreover, your hands should not be stiff or frozen. Keep them natural and show a light touch to your body if you need to.
  • Play around with facial expressions and hair
  • Be comfortable with different props and whatever situation or space you are in. It helps you be calm and composed and focus on the mood that you actually want to show.
  • Understand the mood of the shoot or the mood you want to portray for your portfolio and adjust accordingly
  • Don’t be afraid to try new things and use your strengths or your biggest accessory to try a lot of new poses.
  • Take advantage of whatever things or stuff are around you. For instance, if you are shooting outdoor, use the trees, pathways etc. around you to your advantage. Use different poses along with new elements.
  • Keep your mouth a bit open, not wide but a little bit. It is considered to be flattering and enhances your look in the photographs. You tend to look a little awkward with your lips tightly shut. So, to give a more natural look, it is better to pose with your mouth open, a bit.
  • Give out certain illusions like an elongated body by keeping your hands over to your head or crossing your legs and giving more definition to your body structure. You could bend in certain ways to look curvy or certain poses could make your legs look longer. Never stand in front of a camera and be straight.
  • Project the confidence – it is really important for a modeling portfolio. Don’t give away any personal character traits if not necessary, as your career as a model depends a whole lot on the level of your confidence. It ultimately translates into your ability to perform and pose well in any kind of situation, keeping aside your mental or emotional state.

To summarise we can say that it is really important to focus on the right body postures or the correct body language in order to make an appealing portfolio to enhance your career prospects as a model.