December 8, 2023
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How To Nail A Perfect Model Profile?

The modeling industry is not just for all fit and in shape models but also for plus size, alternatives or senior models. It’s not just the body that matters it is how you carry it. And the one thing that matters to most of the modeling agencies is how your modeling profile is.Do you have your modeling profile? How is your modeling profile? Is it perfect? Is it attractive? If no then we have a list of things you can do to create your own amazing modeling profile.

Let’s check out how to nail a perfect model profile.

  • Photo quality matters


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You might click pictures on your phone cameras and upload on your profile, they will straightaway reject your profile. What they expect is that a profile with good quality pictures. If you own a DSLR camera or your friend does, its time to exploit that. Use that camera to get good HD quality pictures. Best way to get the good quality pictures is clicking pictures in the daylight.

  • Don’t accessorize your face


Modelling Agencies Mumbai

Avoid all the facial accessories like the spectacles or sunglasses. All these accessories hide your actual face which is not a part of a good profile. Rather click a clear face portrait looking straight into the camera.

  • Selfies, Snapchat or Instagram pictures are a big NO


Modelling Agencies Mumbai

You may love to click selfies and find the Snapchat or Instagram filters interesting but the industry person is so not interested in all these. So, when you upload your pictures on the profile exclude selfies or pictures with filters. They cover your real beauty.

  • Don’t click or send groufie ¬†


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Don’t include your group photos in the profile as the viewer might get confused. It might become impossible for him to recognize you in the group. Try to just upload pictures of yourself as it will become easy for them to understand how to exactly look.

  • No low light pictures

Modelling Agencies Mumbai

Try not to click pictures for your profile at night or when the light is low. As it dulls the picture and hides your beautiful features. It would confuse the viewer about your looks like how you will look in the real shoot.

  • Go for Polaroids

Modelling Agencies Mumbai

When sending pictures to the agencies send few Polaroids with the other pictures. As the agencies are really interested in how will look without the makeup, hairstyling and photoshop effects. Opt for a plain background or a plain wall and click.

  • Connect your profile to social media

Modelling Agencies Mumbai

Social media can have a great impact on your profile. Just link your profile to your Instagram and Facebook accounts. So that it becomes easy for the viewer to scroll through your Instagram and Facebook pictures all at one place. When creating a model profile, put to use these tips. As these little tips create a big difference. With these few easy steps, you can create your own beautiful and attractive profile. With the best profile, you would get more and more work and so more success in your field.


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