February 21, 2024
How to make a hand and foot portfolio?

How To Make A Hand And Foot Model Portfolio?

A portfolio is a must for every aspiring model. If you aspire to become a hand and foot model, then a hand and foot portfolio is mandatory.

A hand and foot portfolio will help you find modelling opportunities, and it ensures that you have your photographs on hand when you require them.

The role of the hand and foot portfolio would be the same as a CV/ Resume. It leaves the first impression on the agencies or clients. 

How To Make A Hand And Foot Portfolio? 

Hand and foot portfolio

But just having nice pictures of your hands and feet would not fetch you modelling assignments. You need to know how to CREATE your hand and foot portfolio.  

Are you wondering how it is different? 

Let’s spill the beans off! Here “Create” includes having perfect photos, choosing the right photographer, organizing your portfolio incorrect order, and finally presenting it in the right place and keeping it updated.

All these points are equally important for creating an organized and attractive portfolio. Creating a great hand and foot portfolio is not a matter of a few hours; it might take days or even months to achieve the best result. 

In this article, we will share how you can start making your hand and foot modelling portfolio. So, let’s begin! 

Choosing the right fashion model photographer 

Fashion photographers are available in varied price ranges. So, you need to choose the one which suits your budget.  

If you can spare a reasonable amount for a hand and foot portfolio, select a professional fashion photographer you can trust to get you started. Make sure the photographer has prior experience of shooting hands and feet models. 

If you find a photographer friend or one who is just getting started, they may be willing to work with you for a low or no fee because you will be helping them grow their portfolio as well. In such a case, you both need to put in equal time and effort to research the poses, angles and study different hands and feet portfolios. 

Get yourself ready before the shooting day. 

hand and foot portfolio

 Before shooting for your hands and feet portfolio, make sure you get a professional manicure and pedicure.  

Apart from these there are some other preparations that you need to take, they are: 

  • Learn the most popular postures. Look at how hands are posed and moved in magazine ads and commercials. For your portfolio, recreate their poses and gestures. 
  • Let your hands and feet talk and become an actor to convey messages. It’s an art where your hand and feet would be the artists. 

What should you include in your Hands and Feet Portfolio? 

  • Try out different poses 
  • Include photographs where you hold several products, carry accessories and wear ornaments 
  • Include a shot of the back of your hands and the palms of your hands taken straight on. The same goes for your feet. 
  • Include a shot where you will show how you can toe and bend your ankle. Similarly, for hands, bend your wrist. 
  • Include one or two photographs showing your face; this will open up an opportunity for you. Like if your client needs to include someone’s face in a shot, they will consider you.
Foot-portfolio-How to make a hand and foot portfolio?

Also, it will help them recognize you and give human touch amidst hands and feet. 😉 

Wearing the proper ornaments or accessories, heels 

Carrying accessories is okay but make sure they do not cover up your hand or foot completely; for foot, include a few photographs while wearing high heels. Do not keep yourself from wearing skin exposing or transparent sandals. 

Choosing the best photographs 

Once you are done with shooting, you will have many pictures to choose from as you can include around 6 to12 photographs. You may end up being confused about which one to include and which one to keep aside.

This is a crucial step as you will decide which pictures will represent you in front of the agencies and clients. Here you can seek help from someone who has got some experience. 

Get your portfolio photographs printed. 

Unlike a digital portfolio, a print portfolio does not bind you to a website template, so you have complete discretion over how it looks from front to back. A massive benefit for any model because every detail matters! To minimize any distractions, keep it simple and cool as it contains mainly the skin colour inside. 

Create your online modelling portfolio website 

A portfolio of previous consignments, as well as sample photographs, are required of all models. This informs potential employers about the people they’ll be hiring and what they can expect.

Model portfolios are practically a prerequisite in the fashion industry for models. You cannot include all of the best shots in your physical hand and foot portfolio so that a portfolio website would contain all your works, including tear sheets. 

Tearsheets are taken as evidence that shows that you have been published; they can be newspaper or magazine cut-outs or in the form of a publication or images. 

Update your portfolio regularly. 

It would help if you did not wait for your model manager to ask for updates regularly. This is part of your model responsibilities as a professional.

Keeping everything up to date ensures that your booking agent is aware of your current appearance as well as your current statistics, ensuring that neither the agent nor the customer is surprised.