February 29, 2024
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How To Look Slim And Taller In A Saree?

In the modeling industry, the model has to portray different versions of her. Being a model, your work can demand any change at any point of time. For which you need to be ready with the best you can do in the allotted time. If you are a complete newbie it would take time to settle and get into the whole modeling thing. You look into the mirror and find out you have gained some weight. And at that time itself, your designer calls up for a saree shoot to be done. What will you do? How will you manage?  Obviously, you would panic and stress out. Well, don’t worry as few pounds would not stop you from looking beautiful in a saree. How? Here are few tips that will help you handle such situations gracefully.

  • Fabric matters

The fabric of the saree that you choose matters a lot. If you don’t want to showcase your extra pounds, go for lightweight fabrics like Chiffon, Georgette, Crepe, etc. These will help you look slimmer by sticking to your body closely but not in an ugly manner. If you are someone who likes cotton, go for a lightweight cotton and never ever opt for art silk sarees.

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  • Lighter prints

If you want to hide your flabby areas, lighter prints are a great choice. For printed sarees, go with small floral and abstract large prints. For a designer saree, go for smaller motifs. Remember that the heavy material is not for you as it will make you look plump and flabby.

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  • Sleek borders

Big border sarees are just not for fat and short people as they make your body look shorter and more fatty. Instead, opt for sarees with narrow borders.

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  • Dark colours

Everybody knows the fact that black makes you look slim but nobody knows how and why. It is because of the colour you choose. Dark coloured saree makes you look slender. Choose colours like navy blue, black, purple, etc.

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  • Draping it right

The way you drape your saree will define your body. Fine draping technique will help you look slender and tall. Whereas, tucking everything together just like that will make you look like draped in a balloon. So, drape it well and right.

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  • Long sleeved blouse

You may be fond of short sleeves or sleeveless blouses. But, long sleeves or quarter sleeve blouse can help you look thinner. So, give it a shot for a long sleeved blouse and feel the difference yourself. A saree is a beautiful piece of clothing which adds grace to your body.  Even if you add an extra pound, you can still carry the saree and look slim, tall and gorgeous with the help of above tips and tricks.

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