February 21, 2024
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How To Become A Plus-Size Model?

modelling agencies in mumbai

Modeling is a dream industry for many girls since their childhood. Many even practiced the ramp walk and pageant winning moment in front of the mirrors. Some have successfully achieved their dreams while some are still struggling. The modeling industry has now transformed drastically, in terms of the shape and size as now the modeling industry also welcomes plus-size models gracefully. So, the plus-size ladies who are upset about not being able to enter the modeling industry here is a good news for you. Now, you can easily enter the modeling industry, as now there is a lot of acceptance, support, and demand for fuller figures.

If you know how to work on your curves better, nobody can stop you from achieving your dream of becoming a plus-size model. In this article, we will provide you with a perfect solution to all the questions that hit your head.

Are you ready to get started? If yes, let us begin the journey to becoming a plus-size model.

What Kinds of Jobs Can plus-size Models Book?

A plus-size model, full figured, extended size, large size modeling, or whatever you call it, the market for curvy models are incredibly diverse. You as a plus-size model can feature in runways, in catalogs, in magazine editorials, in commercial advertisements, and in print campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brands and designers. Also, you can also work as a showroom model.

What Are the Physical Requirements?

It is obvious that the plus-size modeling is different from the other modeling categories because in this the size matters more than the exact measurements. The plus-size models are generally size 12 and up with good body proportions. The basic rule is that your waist should be about 10 inches smaller than your hips, but that is just a guideline.

The height requirements totally depend on the type of plus-size modeling, fashion models are generally 5’9’’ to 6’, fit models are generally 5’5 to 5’9’, and commercial models can be any height. But it does not matter which category of plus-size modeling you want to go into, what actually matters is that you need to be confident and healthy, with good skin, hair, teeth, and nails.

Is There a Place for plus-size Models in the High Fashion Industry?

As I mentioned before, the modeling industry has transformed drastically so has the fashion modeling industry. There are no limitations, whatever size you are you can still enter the fashion modeling if you want to.

Nowadays, the fashion industry embraces models of all sizes. For instance, bold and beautiful curves are now seen on the runways of New York’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, in the collections of Jean Paul Gaultier, John Galliano, and other top designers, and in the pages of Vogue and Elle.

Who Are Some Famous plus-size Models I Should Know About?

If you are really willing to be a part of the plus-size modeling, it is definitely a good idea to study and learn about the top plus-size models. You should definitely check out the World’s first plus-size model, Melissa Aronson (better known as Emme) for inspiration. You can also check out the list of top plus-size Indian models to work on yourself and get motivated with their work.

Are There Many plus-size Modeling Agencies?

In India, there are few modeling agencies which have the category of plus-size modeling. But what you can do is you can get in contact with a professional photographer, prepare your portfolio and then send it to various modeling agencies. As, some day, there is going to be a definite need for plus-size models. In this way, you can get yourself some work.

Overseas, there are many modeling agencies that involve plus-size modeling category, the first ever plus-size modeling agency was called Big Beauties Little Women, founded in 1977 by former plus model Mary Duffy, and it was so successful that Ford Models purchased it in 1988. Now, the Big Beauties Little Women is known as Ford+, Ford’s plus-size specialty division.

How Do I Get in Touch With plus-size Modeling Agencies?

The first thing you should do is get your portfolio done by a professional photographer or a friend who owns a DSLR camera. A portfolio will speak on your behalf so it has to be nice but make sure you do not invest a lot of money in this. Later, to be noticed as a plus-size model what you can do is submit your portfolio to a reputable online model scouting service. You can find n number of agencies on Google where you can register and send your portfolios. Just pick the most reputed and reliable ones as you do not want to get in any kind of trouble.

Remember one thing, you do not need to have experience or expensive photos, to become a plus-size model all you need is just professionalism, drive, self-confidence, and of course a spark to achieve your dreams.

All these are just tips but, it is totally in your hands how determined and focus are you to achieve your dreams. As no one other than you can work on your dreams better. Also, these days the plus-size modeling industry is the fastest growing sector of the modeling industry so you can give yourself a shot. And when things turn out right, you never know you would be one of the models on the list of top plus-size models.

Guiding you to the best is all we can do but working on it and execution is totally in your hands. Sort things out, grab the opportunities and become a successful plus-size model. Also, do lets us know in the comment section below how we helped you with this article. If you want to know more such tips do visit here. Believe in yourself and stay glamorous forever.