December 8, 2023
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Good Things Happen To A Well-Groomed Man

Modeling is an art to portray the best version of you.  Being a tough field to be in, a model needs to be well dressed and well groomed every time. Females always splurge plenty of money on their beauty and care whereas men don’t. There are many advertisements regarding the women grooming products but very less about the men grooming. Well today, right here we have some interesting tips for the male model’s grooming which will intensify your handsomeness and confidence.

  • Trim it right


Modelling agencies in mumbai

A messy beard and facial hair looks untidy and odd. That does not mean that you need to give up your tough look and become a clean shaved guy. But just a proper and perfect trim is no harm. In this ways you get to keep your beard and get a clean and tidy look. Research prove that women attract to a man with subtle trimmed beard rather than a clean shaved man. So, you have a reason to get your beard and mustache trimmed.

  • A little skin pampering


modelling agencies in mumbai

To make your skin look good and fresh all the time it is necessary that you take good care of it. Retain the glow by drinking at least two liters and maximum 8 liters of water in a day. To get the dirt and pollution out of your face, wash it twice in a day. To protect yourself from any sun damage, use sunscreens. Keep your skin hydrated by using a good quality moisturizer. Pampering is a good act.

  • Cleaner is healthier


Modelling agencies in mumbai

Just like the facial grooming, it is important to look after your hands and nails. Always trim your nails whenever necessary. File them so that it grows in a proper shape. Wash your hands after a core like eating or cleaning, to get rid of any residues. .

  • Check before use


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It is always good to know about your hair and scalp type. As when choosing a product for your hair, you know what to pick and what not to buy. Some hair products can lead to some serious problems like breakage or hair fall, so it is essential to go through the labels and ingredients of the product. Wax is a good option for thicker hair but what works for thin hair is the sprays and lighter hair products.

  • Smell good, feel good,


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Being lazy for bathing is only going to make you stinky and is going deposit a lot of  dirty bacteria on your skin. To smell good, you need to keep your body fresh for which you need to take bath everyday. Other than that find a good quality deodorant that keeps you fresh all day long. Also, invest in some quality perfumes for a special occasion.   

  • Hairstyle matters


Modelling agencies in mumbai

A messy and untidy hairstyle is going to make you look all droopy and dull. Perfectly trimmed hairstyles adds a different confidence on your face, it makes you look smarter and handsome. Opt for the hairstyle that suits best to your face shape. Try the trend but don’t overdo it. Keep it simple and classy.

  • Cleaner feet


male models in mumbai

Dirty feet are sign of unhygienic person. The foul smell from your socks or shoes can make the people around you comfortable. Wear a clean washed pair of socks everyday and rub your feet with pumice stone while you take shower. There are some foot sprays available in market, use them to keep your feet fresh for a longer time.  

  • Shiny shoes  


modelling agencies in mumbai

It is said that, men are judged by their shoes. So, whenever you are wearing formal shoes make sure that it is clean, well polished and shiny. Never wear rugged or torn shoes at any cost. For casual shoes, make sure you wash them when they get dirty.

Use these grooming tips to boost your personality and confidence. The results of all these tips are just going to make you happy and handsome. Stay well groomed and classy always.

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